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Much-Anticipated Phase 3 DESTINY-Breast03 Trial / Phototherapy for Psoriasis and More!

October 04, 2021 Physician's Weekly Season 1 Episode 28
Physician's Weekly Podcast
Much-Anticipated Phase 3 DESTINY-Breast03 Trial / Phototherapy for Psoriasis and More!
Show Notes

Welcome to this episode of Physician’s Weekly Podcast,  in collaboration with Physician’s Weekly. We have 3 fantastic in-depth interviews for you this week. 

The European Society of Medical Oncology ended a few days ago and later in this episode,  I had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Javier Cortes, in Barcelona, Spain about his Presidential Symposium late-breaking presentation held at that meeting, in which he revealed the data from the much-anticipated phase 3 DESTINY-Breast03 trial for patients with advanced breast cancer. The results of the antibody-drug conjugate trastuzumab deruxtecan compared head-to-head with the current standard, called TDM1,  were practice-changing, with spectacular efficacy (I am not sure I have ever seen a P-value with 22 zeros) and excellent safety outcomes.

Also in this episode, our correspondent Dylan Prentner speaks with pediatrician Umbereen Nehal, who was Chief Medical Officer and Vice President of Medical Affairs for Community Healthcare Network in New York city. In addition, Dr. Nehal led a nationwide campaign as chair of the Task Force of American Muslims for Affordable Health Care that was conducted in conjunction with the White House, where she leveraged community resources to educate and enroll American Muslims in new health coverage options. In recognition of this work, Nehal was honored by an invitation from President Barack Obama to the White House. Dr. Nehal talks with us about how to find the balance of hope and humanism in what she says is a system of perverse incentives.

But first, Physician’s Weekly speaks with dermatologist Dr Sophie Weatherhead from Newcastle, UK  about their recently published research in phototherapy and psoriasis .


Further reading:

Watson N, Wilson N, Shmarov F, Zuliani P, Reynolds NJ, Weatherhead SC. The use of psoriasis biomarkers, including trajectory of clinical response, to predict clearance and remission duration to UVB phototherapy. J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol. 2021 Jul 13. doi: 10.1111/jdv.17519. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 34255884.

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