Arkham Avengers FFPL

Arkham Avengers FFPL - Player Transfers

February 03, 2022 Patrick Duffy Season 2 Episode 37
Arkham Avengers FFPL
Arkham Avengers FFPL - Player Transfers
Show Notes

Greetings to our listeners whether you are in Tokyo or New York, Frankfurt am Main or Bratislava, the Westlands in Kenya, Oranmore in Galway or Jacksonville in Florida.  You're most welcome to another episode from The Host, Eamon, Hector and Captain Fantastical Mick.

On this weeks show, The Panel are taking at look at the number of transfers our managers in the Arkham Avengers Fantasy Football Premier League have made up to Gameweek 23.  Who is wasting points on transfers?  Who is being smart when it comes to bringing players in?  Is there a manager making transfers and not gaining the rewards?  The Panel take it all in and take the transfers apart.

Plus with the transfer window having closed at the end of January for the Premier League, Eamon, Hector and Captain Fantastical Mick pick out a few players that moved during January who might make a difference in a team.

Plenty to digest in this weeks episode as Floyd would say.

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