Arkham Avengers FFPL

Arkham Avengers FFPL - Gameweek 33 Review

April 28, 2022 Patrick Duffy Season 2 Episode 50
Arkham Avengers FFPL
Arkham Avengers FFPL - Gameweek 33 Review
Show Notes

The Panel are back with a look at how all the managers in the Arkham Avengers Fantasy Football League got on during Gameweek 33.  While some managers are not on the move, other managers are trying to take advantage of the remaining Gameweeks in order to consolidate their position.  Who could be in trouble?  Did anyone spring a trap?  The Host, Eamon and Hector provide news, analysis and much more on each manager.

However, it's not all about the football.

The Host finds out from Hector as to what happened to his ankle.  As Hector tells his tale, Eamon has visions of "Born Free" and "Hopalong Cassidy".  This is an interesting story.

And speaking of story, Hector informs the lads he was at a wake.  Yes, that's right an Irish Wake.  But is everything has it appears?  Hector is in for an awakening.

Captain Fantastical Mick isn't joining us this week although he was chatting to The Host.  We'l see how he is getting on.

Our thanks to John Barry for the clip of music from "Born Free" and also to Nacio Herb Brown (music) and L. Wolfe Gilbert (lyrics) for "Hopalong Cassidy".

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