The Magic Hummingbird — El Colibrí Mágico

Episode 3 (of 6) — Augur Of Crows

January 24, 2022 Jozefius Season 1 Episode 3
The Magic Hummingbird — El Colibrí Mágico
Episode 3 (of 6) — Augur Of Crows
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In Tijuana Francisco and Elias make a sacred journey to the desert in the moonlight, while north of the border The Preacher hatches plans for world domination.


NARR: Episode 3 “Augur of Crows”

Francisco is stranded in Tijuana…  
… Clara and Franklin are expelled back to the US
… Franklin’s father is freaking because his son did not return the previous night 
... he's afraid Franklin  has been kidnapped
… In Tijuana, Francisco has found Elias, and joined  a group of refugees
… He is beginning to understand his visions …
… That evening, the refugees are assaulted…

[Sound Design:  gunshots]

… Elias grabs Francisco and drags him into the darkness, 
…. they end up huddled in the mouth of a cement storm culvert 

ELIAS: Good morning! We're safe now …
Let’s see how the others are doing - I bet everybody’s famished …
FRANCISCO: … I’ve always had visions … since I can remember ... 
ELIAS: … Apollonia is real…a new fabric is being woven…
FRANCISCO: … I’ve been chasing shadows … to this place … to you …
ELIAS:  ... moon shadows… threads… We can’t go back - there’s nothing for us - we must find a new home ...
FRANCISCO: Then it is up to us!  We will lead … no more hiding I’m ready ...
… and even though things look bad, somehow...

Song: “Exuberant” Pt.1


I’m just exuberant
A happy guy
In love with life
Can’t tell you why
I’m just ex-u-u-u-berant
The glass half full
Ev’ry day
Wanna skip down the street 
It’s just my way
This isn’t something
In which I take prid
Don’t mean to brag
Nothing to hide
I hope my happiness
Don’t make you sick
I just love my life
That’s my trick
I see the sadness
All around us
Always storm clouds looming 
Darkness soon to fall
And while I don’t deny
The suff’ring and the pain
I always see the joy
Returning down the path again

NARR: …. they embrace. 

NARR:  … a cave … in the desert … east of San Diego… … a large blue red and green macaw perches on a rock  ……..  the cult leader kneels in prayer… 

THE PREACHER: Speak Methusalah and give me the power … I pledge my fealty … 

 (to himself, begin whispering … desperate… spiraling down … growing progressively more agitated)... I keep searching … every day … so lonely … empty … drifting … what the fuck am I doing … wasting time… out here in the middle of nowhere…   

THE PREACHER: … (lunging into a rant) I can’t stand this shit … you’re no good … why do you keep fucking up the simplest thing? GET IT RIGHT! I SAID GET IT RIGHT YOU STUPID ASSHOLE...

[Macaw interrupts]

THE PREACHER:  Don’t tell ME to shut it … YOU shut it .. idiot bird … (reconsidering… backing down … sinking back into a state of desperation ... no confidence) … no no no … no …you’re right ... aahh … I’ve _GOT_ TO DO SOMETHING …to make my mark … (to himself, inside his head, a pep talk, like a staff sergeant .. starts quietly … determinedly building himself up… pulls himself together…  spiraling into the megalomaniac side of his Narcissistic Bipolar personna … by the end he is shouting (imagining himself on a podium addressing the adoring crowd …)  … now calm down … FOCUS! … the illegals … they’re running everything … we owe them nothing … creeping across the border … VERMIN … this is my time … to rise …  to LEAD …

 (announcing to an imagined crowd) To my followers:  We’ve had ENOUGH!  it's time to take back WHAT IS OURS … time to MARCH … to do our patriotic duty …  and to all you illegals … here’s what I say

  • MUSIC CUE: SONG: "Brother’s Keeper"  (excerpt)

We got here First

That’s all the proof I need
I’m not my brother’s keeper
I’m not your uncle’s friend
I don’t believe in heaven
Just in hell
That’s where you’ll end


Underscore: "Ocotillo Moon Potion"

NARR: Later that evening, Francisco guides Elias into the desert. …
SKELETON-ROSE: Here is the journey map… close your eyes … AND  see with your fingers NARR: They cross a mountain intoa moonlit grotto …
SKELETON ROSE: (echoing) … the plant spirits will meet you …. Close your eyes to see them NARR: He kneels, closes his eyes, … stretches out his hands… a subtle caress  ... plant spirits  balancing … leafy hands upon his palms…
PLANT SPIRIT:  take this …
NARR: a hollow seed pod emerges …
PLANT SPIRIT:   Gather the moon's tear when it grows from the union of the night hummingbird and the dragon flower…
NARR: High above … a thin shadow races over
PLANT SPIRIT 2: tip toe
PLANT SPIRIT 2: get low…   
NARR: …the hummingbird floats … drinking
NARR:   a droplet grows on the tip of the blossom
… until it shudders
Plant-Spirit:   now … gather the tear…
NARR: …. the flower withers …
PLANT SPIRIT :  quickly...
NARR: … the bird is gone…
…wind from its wings shakes the tear
... the globe TIPS,  gushes …fills the bowl…
PLANT SPIRIT:   guard it, conceal it, hold it close to your chest … the nectar must remain warm, like a newborn ….   

 [Sound design: wolves howling in the distance]
PLANT SPIRIT : now … hurry! …
PLANT SPIRIT : hurry! …
PLANT SPIRIT 2:  (with urgency) …  go …
NARR:… dawn is breaking … Francisco stumbles into a culvert .. dreams…
SKELETON-ROSE :  … you have gathered the potion… in two nights return to the grotto - the exhausted dragon flower stands above the mouth of the tunnel  … place a drop on each traveler’s tongue… then gently pour the remaining tears onto the withered roots … the dragon flower’s teardrops will touch the lips of the serpent… the mouth will open ... a secret corridor  under the mountains …
The rest is up to you …. seek your friends  …  look beyond the mirror…… Learn from the plant spirits    … use their strategies  … Together,  St. Francis…you are like a garden… (cf p. 59)


MUSIC underscore: “Exuberant” 

NARR: Next morning,  Clara and Franklin return…
CLARA: Francisco… you’re ok. (She hugs him)
FRANCISCO: (embracing his friends) Clara and Franklin! This is Elias! 
FRANKLIN: (nodding to Elias, in a friendly, accepting tone) aahh.. the piper from the boardwalk! … thank you! Francisco, we’ve come to bring you home … somehow ...
FRANCISCO: I can’t go back … with you …  but … I... we… have another way…
ELIAS:  …We need your help … 

Song “FRIENDS” pt. 1 

(duet Francisco & Elias)


mis amigos
Can you lend a hand
In our time of trouble
Can you take a stand?
Though we haven’t much to offer
Our resources are scarce
We offer you our hearts
Can we trust you
To help us find our way
y un nuevo logar [To find a new home]
To help us seize the day
And turn the tide

NARR:  the gangsters return with a prisoner

[Sound design: pickup truck arriving on gravel road]

THE PREACHER: (cursing to himself, loudly whispering) here they are  …time to get dressed…
ARNOLD: (deferentially, shouting from outside) Lord Iron Claw …Sir ... Request permission to enter... sir 

[Sound design: pickup stoops, brakes squeal, door slams]

THE PREACHER:  You may enter… ninjas  ARNOLD: (a ceremonial greeting) You smell like a lion this morning, your highness (oh mighty Shogun).
THE PREACHER:  (trills his tongue imitating the sound of a rattle snake… with an air of exaggerated ceremonial pomp) Bathe me in the perfumes of flowers ...
THE PREACHER:  (addresses crow) You are snivelling … weak …
THE CROW: (stammering, afraid) … your majesty … I beg you …
THE PREACHER: (cutting him off) … You have a debt … You have two things I need …
THE CROW: (stammering, afraid) … my son … di …didn’t return …
THE PREACHER: you’ve played that card before … I don’t buy it …
… one call … just one call … and you’re swamp bait … again … in San Quentin … like you were before I pulled them off … the blood suckers …   
THE CROW: (stammering, afraid) …  my lord … in the trees … the crows … they’ve  been gossiping … again … …ar..arg uing … plotting … conniving  …
THE PREACHER:  your cravings make you weak, a victim … but you have two gifts: Your sorcery and your progeny… We can be a team … if you serve me … loyally …
THE PREACHER: My gentle Shaman … I’ve had an omen. I have written a little poem for you …. (dark laugh)  Let me know what you think … 

song: “RAPTOR” 


I had a dream 
I am the Ranger
I have your scent 
You are in danger
We are infected
We share a goal
To own the land
Maintain control
We've been neglected
Our darkest hour
Is lying near
Harness your anger
Channel your fear
We can share the power
I offer you a crown
Together rule tomorrow
Or else I’ll take you down
Beguile the crows
You are my augur
Cast your spell
Enchant their wings
To take me higher
So here’s the deal
bewitch the ravens
The warrior birds
If you resist
I’ll take your son
I’ll take your son
You know the song
The melody to bring them
Harness your anger
Channel your fear
We can share the power
I offer you a crown
Together seize the hour
Or else I’ll take you down


song “FRIENDS” pt. 2


Can you help us (Friends)
Can you help us (together)
Can you lend a hand (together)
(We have traveled far) In this time of struggle 
(In our time of struggle) Can you take a stand?
(Can you become a (friend))
Someday we will live together (together)
We open up our arms (together)
(Our dreams are on a star)
We offer you our hearts (together) 
Friends (together) 
Can we trust you (together) 
To help us find our way (together)
(To see another day) to make a new life
To build a new bridge, a shelter safe from harm
No more to run ….


NARR: Franklin’s father kneels …  in the survivalist cave …  hands tied
PREACHER:  it's either the spear, the gun or your kid… your choice…
CROW: (fearful, obsequious) I’ll be waiting for him …  I’m singing every morning to Jesus Buddha Vishna and I see …
PREACHER: (interrupting) you’re staying right here… Arnold and Flash will be wearing your shaman’s cloak… meditating while they wait in your shack for your little prodigal son to show his face…he’s part of the plan …  …  Once the fire starts NOTHING can put it out …

Song “EXUBERANT” pt2

But today the sun is shining
My friends are all around
The summer breeze is humming
A Gentle summer song
Easy to forget the pain
When the sun is out
When the music’s in the air
I just wanna dance and shout
I’m just exuberant
I’ll tell you why
I’m in love with all of life
And I met this guy
I’m just ex-u-u-u-ooooo

underscore: begin with  “Friends” sax solo, then continue as underscore 

CLARA: So…that is all wonderful, but non-sequitur, don’t we have to get a hold of your mom?
FRANCISCO: She’s off the grid… backpacking in the sequoias…
…  We're going through a tunnel…
FRANKLIN: Ok this is crazy but I’m down  … like a drug tunnel?  …
CLARA: yeah what can we do?
ELIAS: We don't know the details yet, but once we get to the other side we will need water  … and someone to pick us up… from the desert …
CLARA: I’ll bring the water ...
FRANCISCO: Franklin - your dad has connections … can you get him to set up a pickup?
FRANKLIN: What? My dad? No. I can’t…. I …
CLARA: (Cutting in, thinking out loud) But if we went to him—
FRANKLIN: You? No you’re not getting near him.
CLARA: Then maybe you can explain what you’ve seen. Make him understandFRANKLIN: (Hesitantly, as he thinks about this, with sudden fear/anger) I haven't seen him in a while… I was supposed to meet him for something after our gig the other night, but you know… we never made it back … and when I got home he wasn’t around…
CLARA: But he has the connections...Didn't you say he knew people who sneak the migrants off the desert and around the check points?...these people need us. Francisco needs us. You’ve got to try. (She knows Franklin would do anything for her. She stares him down. He caves.)
FRANKLIN:  … he’d kick my ass for just thinking about this… he’s got his own problems… I don’t think you realize how messed up he is … he hangs with some strange folks…

Song “Underground” 


He’s a hard man
An operator

But he knows the types
that slink around
Working their shade deals


Lurking in the shadows


Living in the suburbs


Hiding from the gallows


In plain sight


He’s a wild card


But he likes money


He knows the slippery people

The kind whose fingers
Move like shadows

In the searchlight


Getting longer


As they slither


Shape shifting shady deals
In plain sight

But there’s got


What if not?


There’s no 


If and or but


Must there be?


Yes there’s got


What if we make a plea?
Is there something that he
Can be guided to see?


Yes there’s got to be an angle


Something in it for him


Always got
to be an angle

Or there’s no show


It’s clear that he’s no angel


He’s a man without a soul


He was there when you were hungry


Now his demons make him dangle


So we’ve got to find an angle


Or it’s no go


to free his spirit from the gallow 


No it’s no go
Oh no no no

ELIAS:   We’ve got the money … our families  … they’ve scrapped and saved 
… they're ready - waiting for the word.  They will wire the money 

FRANKLIN: OK  … ok I’ll give it a  try… if there’s money for him he might do it  … but this is a bad idea…


1. Morning In The Culvert
2."Exuberant"Pt 1
3. The Preacher and the Macaw
4. Gathering The Moon's Tear
5. Skeleton Rose Returns In A Dream
6. Clara and Franklin Return
7. "Friends" pt. 1
8. The Preacher's Offer
9. "Raptor"
10. "Friends" Pt. 2
11. The Auger's Predicament
12. Exuberant" Pt. 2
13. Friends" Pt. 3 instrumental
14. The Plan
15. "Undereground"