Heart of Truth

Strive to Thrive with Catherine Ann Wilson

January 11, 2022 Susan Hum, a production of The Steel Rose Movement Season 2 Episode 1
Heart of Truth
Strive to Thrive with Catherine Ann Wilson
Show Notes

You can overcome whatever trauma you think you have gone through. It can be as bad as sexual abuse, but you have to come out of it to thrive. People often get stuck trying to justify their experiences. What happened is not important. What matters is how you respond to it, and healing is key. Healing from trauma is letting go of anything that is not you and evolving back to your highest and best self. Join the conversion with Catherine Ann Wilson, as she shares masterpiece lessons from her life experiences to provide you with practical tools to help you heal, move on and thrive in life. 

Catherine is a survivor of sex trafficking, a “thriver’ and the founder of Stop Trafficking US, a non-profit whose mission is to eliminate sexual exploitation and trafficking of children in Maine. In 2019, she was awarded the distinguished honor of Maine’s top 20 Most Outstanding Women for her tireless work in Keep Maine Kids Safe. Her mission has been to share and have the difficult conversation that shines a bright light on the dark secretive realities of abuse in homes, schools, and churches. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn: 

[01:02] Catherine’s career backstory 

[07:30] How to heal from traumatic experiences

[14:04] Self-awareness and practicing compassion for self and others 

[18:03] Some of the work that Catherine not to completely heal from her trauma 

[27:51] The importance of surrounding yourself with the right people in your journey 

[36:17] Letting go and evolving to your highest and best self 

[43:47] Knowing your why, having hope, and reframing your story 

[50:57] Outgrowing people in your life and making room for the new ones

[54:09] The power of believing and how it has enabled Catherine to make her life better 

[01:01:53] The importance of relationships and creating experiences 

[01:04:57] Understanding yourself and establishing your value without judgment 

[01:10:24} How to reach out and connect with Catherine

Notable Quotes

  • “How we treat other people is exponentially how we treat ourselves.”
  • “Healing is a journey, and it’s not a straight line.”
  • “Every human being is a beautiful soul.”
  • “We have a story about everything, and when reality meets our story, we’re happy.”.
  • “You can change your mind, your story, and your thinking.”
  • “As you grow, you’ll have less and less in common with some people in your life.”
  • “Your intention is all that matters.”


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