Q&A Monday

Q&A Monday - Season 3 - Episode 1 - With special guest Linda Taylor

May 30, 2021 Hello Season 3 Episode 2
Q&A Monday
Q&A Monday - Season 3 - Episode 1 - With special guest Linda Taylor
Show Notes

We are back with Q&A Monday, and in this episode we are joined by Linda Taylor of The Employee Relations Consultancy, a HR Specialist, to field your questions and discuss the return to work and the workplace. 

In this episode we cover the following questions: 

Q1: How do you think the return to work will pan out? 

Q2: What is the first thing I should think about when returning to work as an employer?

Q3: I’ve enjoyed the relaxed informal approach over lockdown but do you think we need to reintroduce some formality?

Q4: How can I better support the return to work for my employees?

Q5: As an employer I feel concerned about returning to the workplace, there just seems so much more to worry about. 

Q6: Should I implement regular COVID testing?

Q7: Do you think there will be an expectation for staff to be vaccinated?

Q8: How do I look after my employee's wellbeing when working from home or on furlough? 

Q9: A continuation of Q3, should the acceptance of family/home life continue to be acceptable? 

Thank you for watching. 

If you have a question for ourselves or Linda, please feel free to get in touch directly through the Comments, Direct Messages or Emails. 

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