Pardon My Sarcasm!

Episode 4 - The Asshole Algorithm

May 27, 2021 Ashley D and Fuze B Season 1 Episode 4
Pardon My Sarcasm!
Episode 4 - The Asshole Algorithm
Show Notes

Episode 4: The A-hole Algorithm

Fuze Kicks off the podcast with a reaction to recent violence in Charleston and if the person who made the flyer bares any blame. 

The Rebuttal: The PMS 2 discuss feedback from last week. | Is this only entertainment? | Fuze and Ash respond to hate from last weeks show about saving ex's nudes |
The internet never forgets! | Is it better to ask for forgiveness than permission?
Fuze had some out of town visitors | Happy birthday Fuze, Its Fuze Week. |  

Segment 1: People are assholes 
Why are people assholes? | Friends are fun assholes | Some people thrive in toxic environments | A-type personalities vs A-hole personalities | Who is to blame for A-holes? |
Do you project what you don't like? | Fuze apologizes to all the bitter women for what men have done | It's a cycle that's broke, not a broke cycle | Ashley discusses a former friend who exhibits A-hole energy|
How do you break the cycle? | Stop shooting people idiots! 

Segment 2: They are still Assholes?

Don't let them ruin your day | Defense mechanisms | What to say when your girlfriend is wrong at work | Women just want to vent | Aggressive Behavior
Health Awareness Month | A-holes need Therapy | The black community shuns Therapy | Stop doing drugs, you need your teeth | I shouldn't be your punching bag |
Bring back Naps | Does Ashley's Spa give Happy Endings? | Extraverted Introverts | What are Askholes? | All racists are Assholes | It's like Kickball | 
Road rage is bad | Sweeping it under the rug leads to a mountain they will trip on

Segment 3: How do we break the cycle?

Does killing them with kindness work? | Should assholes be called out? | Start with love | Let that bitterness go ladies | Self Love starts with Self Care |
Be 20 percent nicer | Women don't like women | Is Asshole a bad word | Fuze wants Birthday shoutouts via Venmo and Cashapp (@fuzeb / $fuzeb) |
Shoutouts to our early supporters | Shoutout to the Assholes

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