Pardon My Sarcasm!

Episode 5: Friends Don't Owe You Money with Andre Hinds and Katie Blomquist

June 02, 2021 Ashley D and Fuze B Season 1 Episode 5
Pardon My Sarcasm!
Episode 5: Friends Don't Owe You Money with Andre Hinds and Katie Blomquist
Show Notes

Episode 5 - Your Friends Don't Owe You Money

Segment 1: The Show kicks off with Music and Memorial Day Weekend Recaps |The Rebuttal|  Ashley got into an argument after stealing a float | There's Nothing happy about Memorial | PMS friends Andre Hinds and Katie Blomquist stop by to have a conversation with us | What's that aboot? |  The guest get introduced|  Weddings are awful | The more free work you do, the more paid work you get| Putting out fires at jobs you don't like | What's your favorite superhero? | Some kids don't have beds| Find a purpose in what you do | Bikes represent Joy 

Segment 2: Why you doing that for free? | Be a resource and a connection | Your friends will not hire you at first | Are your friends obligated to support you? |
Don't mix business with friendship | Nice ways of telling you no | Do you lower prices for your friends? | Friends expect more as a client |
Would you ask Walmart for a discount? | Support businesses who help the community | Time is as important as money support | Run charities as a business |
"I don't want to pay anybody for anything" | It cost you nothing to reshare | Fuze doesn't not post on Facebook | Who was banging who on Myspace |
The last time you logged in Myspace /Aim | Don't call me, Text me | Your car is not soundproof! 

Segment 3: Andre got left by a girl for a meth head | Giving back to the community is important | Bunk Bed fetishes? | Future plans, Life, and Such| How can you help? |
Learn something new everyday | Andre doesn't say no to anything | Katie explains how it has to work for Entrepreneurs | Spending you own money is the best motivation |
Going Places! | Families don't know how to be a family | Some can't afford artificial Christmas trees | WOW factor | There's no crying in podcasting |
Canada's Friends and Family day vs Labor Day | Blame Ford Motor Company and Hallmark | Katie is changing the world one bike at a time | Andre and Katie make a positive connection
Be Kind, Spread Joy, and Imagine 

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