Pardon My Sarcasm!

Episode 6: Women Aren't Taught How To Treat Men with Alma Leigh Mohr

June 09, 2021 Ashley D & Fuze B Season 1 Episode 6
Pardon My Sarcasm!
Episode 6: Women Aren't Taught How To Treat Men with Alma Leigh Mohr
Show Notes

Episode 6 - Women aren't taught how to treat men 
Guest: Therapist, Veteran, Mom and recovering Asshole Alma Leigh Mohr stops by to have a conversation

Segment 1: 
Fuze starts the convo by speaking about National Sex Day | the Rebuttal: Your friends still don't owe you money but they do owe you support | Supporting your friend's doesn't mean money |  | Don't take yourself or life serious | Healthy confrontation and pushing boundaries | Charleston is not Oneonta |We all have trauma | Carrying around bags of Shit | Make peace with your Past | Self Medicating with Alcohol | Fuze hates the TSA | Don't focus on the Bag of shit | Pain doesn't go away, we grow around it |Ashley turns her pains into a win | Alma is good at what she does | Male Sexual Assault Victims | We need to learn how to be vulnerable |
Secret Keeping is a Trauma | Afraid of Journaling | Gibberish

Segment 2: Bullying vs Teasing- what's the difference? 

There's no Love in Bullying | The Fun Assholes aren't Bullies | Online Bullying is a myth | Lurking and Trolling | Celebrities looking up their name on Twitter | Nobody likes a bully | Bullies with Charisma | We all have narcissistic characteristics | Teasing is with Love | Do we care? |  Black students picking cotton | Simone Biles exhibits Black Girl Power | Can Blind people be Racist? | Harry, Harry, Harry - Charleston City Councilman Harry Griffin gets pulled over for a DUI | Was it entrapment or a setup? | Don't drink and drive | Nancy Mace house vandalized | Release the Ring Doorbell Football Nancy! | Jeff Bezos going to space, He too rich? | An HBCU cuts it's tuition by 50% | Navy won't let an Ensign play in the NFL

Segment 3: Why are men taught how to treat women, but women aren't taught to treat me?

 The topic you've been waiting for | Men are taught to romanticize | Women are taught to be subservient | Know your space and place | Compliments vs Actions | Can we blame Western Culture for men Specifically | Boys are told their worth is what they can do for others |
Men cannot show weakness? | Competitive Toxic Masculinity | Men are not allowed to be human beings | Hugs vs Horseplay | oversexed a thing? |Men are not allowed to feel |
Human beings are flawed | Narcissist vs Sociopaths' | Are all serial Killers Sociopaths? | Crime Podcasts | Ashley discovered a pattern with Alma's Facebook friends |
If you sending dick pics, make 'em good ones | Mental Health and Happiness | 

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