Pardon My Sarcasm!

Episode 7 - Food. Sex. And Kissing Dogs on the Mouth with John Grindstaff

June 18, 2021 Season 1 Episode 7
Pardon My Sarcasm!
Episode 7 - Food. Sex. And Kissing Dogs on the Mouth with John Grindstaff
Show Notes

Episode 7 - Food Bev Sex and Kissing Dogs in the Mouth

Special Guest: Miller/Coors Account Rep John "JJ" Grindstaff stops by to have a conversation with The PMS2

Segment 1: The Rebuttal and Here's Johnny

The Intro |The Rebuttal | Ashley went to Atlanta | Fuze went to Savannah | PBR the bar? | Mental Health Check | Vacation is needed | Here's Johnny | 
After Liquor comes Beer | JJ brought the Swag | What does a beer rep do? | Hardships in Food & Bev during Covid | Adult Summer was great |
Some got healthy, some partied | Adaptability in Restaurants | Spaghetti vs Lasagna |  Restaurants weren't prepared for Covid | 
Stop being on cell phones in Bars | A bar owner lets a customer face the music | You still go in Gas stations? |
Live in the moment! | Fuze has FOMO | Brand ambassadors vs Salesmen | Lets go to St. Thomas|
Why is there a chicken Wing Shortage???

Segment 2: BBQ and Chinese

Going Hiked Naked | Garbagemen receive their flowers | Eat your Veggies | Fuze Koozies |
The diet coke of nursing | Palmetto isn't a craft brewery anymore | Sam Adams playing Big Bank | Charleston Breweries | Whale sperm swallows a man | A Florida town sold thier Water Tower by mistake | Is Cheating a natural instinct? | Don't Cheat, Be single | Wife fires her husband for being racist | Top BBQ restaurants City | Virginia Beach has good BBQ? | WTF is Columbus Ohio doing on this list? | Coffee and BBQ | Newark is a melting pot city, we get it | Baltimore has better seafood than Charleston | Kansas City didn't make it? | Minnesota doesn't know good BBQ | Americans love their Chinese |
Why are there so many Chinese Restaurants? | What's your favorite craft beer? |
House of Brews is closing | 

Segment 3: Stop Kissing your dog in the mouth

No really stop kissing your dog in the mouth | Sounds like white people | Be wary of Girls with dogs and Peanut Butter in the bedroom | 
Sex in front of Pets | Get that dog off the bed during sex | Ashley tells a story about a dog with a roaming tongue in the no no zone |
JJ tells his nosy dog story | Dogs eat condoms | Animals with Judgey eyes | Panties with the crouch out |
JJ's sister Katy is going to kill him after hearing him tell this story | That's not a bone | We hate thieves |
Someone who stole from Ashley paid her back | Last Words | Sorry Katy | 

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