Pardon My Sarcasm!

Episode 8 - Drama, MENtal Health, and Bro-Zone Behavior with Chris P & Janelli Saavedra

June 23, 2021 Ashley D & Fuze B Season 1 Episode 8
Pardon My Sarcasm!
Episode 8 - Drama, MENtal Health, and Bro-Zone Behavior with Chris P & Janelli Saavedra
Show Notes

Episode 8 - Drama, Mental Health, and Bro-Zone Behavior

Chris P and Janelli Have a conversation with the PMS2

Segment 1 

Men's Mental Health Week | Speak up not Man Up | The Rebuttal | Strong people need a shoulder to lean on too | Fuze discusses a negative post about him on Facebook |
Juneteenth And Fathers Day | Chris P introduces himself and what he does | Janelli introduces herself | Figure Skating | Has technology transformed our ethnics? |
The Power of Platforms | Facebook is not the place to make a point | Are podcasts a Safe place? | Technology Accountability | Fight videos are funny | 
Digital Drama | You are being filmed everywhere | Bae is never in the picture | Ethical Exercises | Stop being Racist | Skydaddy is watching | 

Segment 2 

Can I take your Picture? | Do we care? | Christian fired for refusing to work on Sundays | 21 million is a lot of money |Go find another job | Methodist hospital employees fired or resigned for refusing Vaccine | Slippery Slope | NFL player comes out gay | Was it a gimmick or real? | Monster Gays and Jersey sales | Donating to the Trevor Project | Was coming out job security? | A South Carolina Scumbag | 20 years isn't enough | Are ring doorbells an invasion of Privacy? | Unsportsmanlike advantage |
Don't have cameras in your bathroom | 40 cows escaped a slaughterhouse | eat more chicken

Segment 3 

What keeps people stuck in a situation when they know they should leave? | Comfortability | Benefits be banging | Fear of Failure | Leaving is a process | 
Step out on your imagination | Ashley speaks on accountability | Love over security | Self Sabotage | The fear of the unknown | 
Are you ready to be Happy? | The grass is greener due to more sh*t | You are not doing as great as you think you are | 
Don't talk to me the way I talk to myself | Are friend dates a real thing? | Dutch on Friend dates? | Don't Bro zone me | Are we on a group date? | 
Don't feed into Toxic Positivity | Dating isn't hard for Janelli | Competitive Dating | Taking trips | 'Merica Bar Crawl in Charleston | Happy Hour

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