Pardon My Sarcasm!

Episode 9 - Happiness, Sha'carri High, and Pill Bill is a SCUMBAG!

July 02, 2021 Ashley D & Fuze B Season 1 Episode 9
Pardon My Sarcasm!
Episode 9 - Happiness, Sha'carri High, and Pill Bill is a SCUMBAG!
Show Notes

Segment 1 :
 Mental Health Check | Do teenagers have goals? |Is Happiness a goal? | Why don't you have goals? | Drug Dealers make great businessmen |
I don't want you to die to celebrate our wealth | Happily Frustrated | Refill Your cup | It's none of your business why I need help|
Attention Whores | Misery Loves Company | You woke up breathing | Find reasons to feel good | Don't overwork yourself | 

Segment 2 

Happiness is not a goal, its a byproduct | Weed is not a drug, it's a plant | Dammit Sha'Carri | We all make mistakes | Having sympathy but acknowledge she fumbled the opportunity | She broke the rules, but the rules are stupid | Ashley tried Delta 8 "accidently" | Sha'Carri vs Michael Phelps | Heros are people | Let the girl run! | 
Do We Care? | 25 year old man circumcised | Intact is a bullying word | Juul paying 40 mil in a lawsuit | No more social media for Juul | E Cigs are not healthier than Cigs | 
RideShare driver shoots passenger | Negative energy begets negative energy | Mental Health crisis flares amongst young children | Covid caused the increase | 
Check on your children |Kids don't know how to deal with depression | Friends check up | 

Segment 3 

Eddie Murphy | Bill Cosby is a Scumbag | Quaaludes | False accusers are scumbags as well | The Prosecutors got it wrong | The supreme court got it right | 
The victims are the losers | Picture pages, picture pages | Bill was a hero | Using power to abuse women | Buyers remorse | He was cheating on his wife |
Shame on the system | The News cycle switches so fast | R. Kelly is guilty. MJ aint touch those kids. OJ innocent. | Fuck Bill Cosby
Favorite Richard Pryor movie | The recap | Happy Hour

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