Pardon My Sarcasm!

Episode 21: "Good to Great!"

October 01, 2021 Its Me Ashley D Season 2 Episode 21
Pardon My Sarcasm!
Episode 21: "Good to Great!"
Show Notes

Pardon My Sarcasm Episode 21:  "Good to Great" (Season 2 Opener Episode)

Ashley D. opens up the season with a return to "WHY?" she is podcasting and what to look forward to in the next season.

  • Flying solo this season
  • Few hiccups and things to learn going on my own
  • Good to Great!!
  • Building my team of people behind the scenes
  • Patreon is a platform to help support Pardon My Sarcasm as we grow!
  • ShoutOuts and Thanks to all of those who supported and listened in Season 1
  • What does it mean when i say GOOD TO GREAT?
  • Going live on YouTube and Instagram this season!
  • How can you be  a part of the show and support?

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