The Adventures of a Real Estate Investor

AREI 44: How Home Aesthetics Affects Your Happiness and Well-being with Chelsea Garber

December 14, 2021 Michael & Suzy Episode 44
The Adventures of a Real Estate Investor
AREI 44: How Home Aesthetics Affects Your Happiness and Well-being with Chelsea Garber
Show Notes

Creating an aesthetically pleasing look around your home or office can have tremendous benefits. Imagine incorporating effective techniques that will make a big impact not only to your property,  but also to the families that are going to live on it.

In this episode, Chelsea shares why using the psychology of interior design, you can easily become more comfortable in your home. And how  small changes to colors, layout, and fabrics can easily improve your mood and evoke positive feelings. Join us and Listen in!

Chelsea is a Multifamily Real Estate Investor, Syndicator & Entrepreneur with extensive knowledge in design, architecture, construction, and project management. Chelsea is a managing partner at GreenLight Equity group, with over 550 doors under management. GreenLight is focused on acquiring value add commercial apartment buildings in emerging markets, to help others gain financial freedom through passive real estate investments. Additionally, she is the founder of ROI ByDesign, a value enhancing design & remodeling firm tailored to multifamily investment properties within all asset classes. Chelsea is proud New Yorker, outdoor enthusiast, world traveler and loves living a “5 star life”.

[00:01   - 10:28] Opening Segment
• We introduce Chelsea to the show - Her background
○ What brought her from owning multiple design firms to real estate  investing?
○ How she integrated interior design to multi-family properties?
○ Increasing the enjoyability of the property.   
○ Implementing small design changes.

[10:29 - 25:52] Bridge Between Science and Interior Design
• Design trends and how its applied effectively
○ ROI by design and its process
○ Importance of having a great team
○ Putting together a great design starts affecting the people around us.
○ Complementing multifamily investing with short term rental
○ Being conscious of people and that community and knowing what works for them is not going to work for somebody else. 
[25:53 - 31:01] Closing Segment
• Asking Chelsea  the Adventurous Four
•   How you can connect with Chelsea 

Tweetable Quotes:
" When it comes to aesthetics, when it comes to finishes and fixtures, we're not dramatically increasing the costs, but we're increasing the enjoyability of the property. " -Chelsea Garber

"Design really is really a key component in our personal lives and our investment properties. And we're we always say to at Greenlight, we, we invest in people, right? When we have happy tenants and happy people and retention, it is a win for everybody. " -Chelsea Garber

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