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Attorney Cara Parmigiani – Honest Lawyer and Marshal Arts Expert

August 07, 2019 Jeff J. Horn Season 2 Episode 12
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Attorney Cara Parmigiani – Honest Lawyer and Marshal Arts Expert
Show Notes

Cara is a graduate of Rutgers University with majors in Genetics and Psychology. She went on to Seton Hall Law School. Her mentors include her attorney father, John Parmigiani, and an adjunct professor at Seton Hall Law School named Sr. Melanie DiPietro. She also credits multiple classmates, including attorney Debra E. Guston of Argentino Family Law and Child Advocacy, LLC and a beloved, previous guest of The Bold Sidebar.

Cara is a true general practice attorney.  On any given day she may be working on a real estate contract, a Chancery case, a landlord-tenant matter, or a Tax Court matter. She has covered cases in 15 of New Jersey's 21 counties. She likes general practice because she desires, and is most effective, serving as the all-around attorney for the same person. 

Cara represents people who may have a range of legal issues.  It is a very interesting perspective in a time of great specialization. Cara works alone so when you reach her office, you are reaching her directly. She honors her father by following the words of a simple sign: “Honest Lawyer”.  Cara’s idea of a great client is one who brings a case that requires some mental acrobatics, and a person who becomes someone you can grow with and who values preventative legal action.

There was a gap between Cara’s completion of undergraduate studies and her entrance into law school. Cara is no stranger to contact sports having played ice hockey in college and worked as a Muay Thai teacher. She is an experienced Martial Artist with 19 years of training. 

Check out her law office website  There are two images that we talk about: one is her logo of a buck rearing up and the other is a beautiful picture of her and her pregnant wife on a park bench.

Outside the law – we talk about Cara making short films, which can be found at  She is an accomplished artist having displayed in 30 shows.  Her art is found at . Most recently, she is a candidate for Morris County Freeholder in the fall 2019 election, and you can find her at “”. 

Please enjoy this interview and connect your spirits to the way that Cara and I met – through good, old-fashioned human-to-human contact at the New Jersey State Bar Association Convention. Enjoy!

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