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Unpacking Loss, Isolation at the Grocery Store, the Role of Jealousy and A Visit from Charlie Mattera

September 03, 2023 Carmen Lezeth Suarez Episode 96
All About The Joy
Unpacking Loss, Isolation at the Grocery Store, the Role of Jealousy and A Visit from Charlie Mattera
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Join us as we navigate through feelings of loss and the unexpected triggers that arise. We share heartfelt recollections from personal experiences, revealing how loved ones' passing can stir unpredictable emotions. Meanwhile, amidst the ongoing storm in Florida and an unprecedented hurricane in Los Angeles, we delve into feelings of isolation and our reactions to such extraordinary circumstances. We use the article from the LA Times, as our backdrop That Personal Touch at Check Stand? Priceless.  

Get ready to engage in thought-provoking discussions on the changing dynamics of our daily lives—from self-checkout to our instinctive feelings of jealousy. We examine how technology is reshaping our shopping experiences, impacting employment, and the evolving etiquette of customer service. Moreover, we dissect the human instinct of jealousy, bringing a fresh perspective on how it can be harnessed as motivation, and how it plays out in work environments. 

As we journey through these diverse topics, we'll also celebrate the power of music, the joy of giving, and discuss the challenges faced by creatives in the entertainment industry. SAG-AFTRA Actor and WGA Writer, Charlie Mattera stops on by and sheds light on the trials faced by writers in the entertainment world. 

We share our favorite artists, the regrets associated with missing live performances, and the changing attitudes toward generosity. So, sit back and get ready for an interesting chat with more than a few giggles along the way.  

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Loss, Isolation, and Personal Reflections
Preferences for Self Checkout vs. Cashiers
The Concept of Jealousy and Inspiration
Discussing Favorite Artists and Regrets
Regrets and Giving Money Away
Joyful Singing and Shared Memories
Issues With the Entertainment Industry
Pursuit of Joy and Personal Growth