Sports Charcha

EP42 - (m)AUKAT!

October 26, 2021
Sports Charcha
EP42 - (m)AUKAT!
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What's more hurting, India’s performance against Pakistan or our fans' social media performance against our players? Pakistan breaking a 29 year old voodoo by thrashing India in their T20 WC Opener. In football, Liverpool felt sorry for United and let them live with a 5-0 drubbing at Old Trafford. Is this the most boring Classico out of all the boring Classicos across the last few seasons? How many red cards to Managers are too many red cards in Serie A? More F1 and NBA Updates and an important IPL update too. Let's go!

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Here's a God of the game. What's more, hurting India's performance against Pakistan or our fans social media performance against our players? Pakistan breaking a 29 year old voodoo by traction India in their T 20 World Cup opener in football. Liverpool felt sorry for Manchester United and let them live with a five nil drubbing at Old Trafford. Is this the most boring Classico out of all the boring Classicos across the last few seasons? How many red cards to managers are too many red cards in Syria? More F one and NBA update and an important IPL update to guys, let's go. Absolutely WorldCast. Hello and welcome to episode 42 of Sports Church aware we are still hungover from all the sporting action yesterday. We wanted to give you guys a Karma reaction, garmage Garam opinions on all the matches that happened. And to do that as always, let's welcome Ishaan. Hi guys. What an unbelievable, disappointing but good weekend. It was for me but mixed feelings but so excited to talk to you guys about it. Yeah. I mean, first of all, let me just start with. If you are an Indian, Manchester United and Barcelona fan, I feel a little sorry for you guys. You must have had a horrible weekend. 24th October. You would never want to revisit in your life. But we will start with India versus Pakistan. The biggest game when Barcelona versus Real Madrid was close to the second biggest game. But when it comes to the significance of the rivalry, India versus Pakistan was big and even historically speaking Pakistan for the first time defeated India in a World Cup game. We can finally say goodbye to that Moka ad. And I think we have a couple of friends in Dubai who are saying that throughout the streets cab drivers and Pakistani fans were playing the Mocha Mocha ad. It's fine man. I think Pakistan had such a dominant display yesterday. There are things you associate with the Pakistani cricket team style, talent, potential. But very rarely, at least in the last ten years, have you associated mental strength? They were just mentally strong yesterday. 152 is not an easy target. I won't say it's a tough target, but to get it with no wicked down. I mean that was a demolishing performance by Pakistan. Throughout the years where we've seen Pakistan lose to India. I've never seen India dominate as much. So I think the significance of this victory is huge for Pakistan. Congratulations to them. But let's talk about the details of this game quickly. Bala, what are the pointers that let India down? Was it the team selection? Was it the toss? What do you think? Well, when it comes to team selection, there is only one decision that kind of baffled me. In fact, baffled some of our friends to that. Why Ishaan Kishan Washan? Kishan was left out. He was easily the most informed player. He played two brilliant innings back to back. One of the warm up game and one against DC for Mumbai Indians. So it was a little surprising to not see him in the starting eleven. I'm not sure whether that is the only reason. And on the other hand, I honestly felt that the team looked very tired. There wasn't much of an energy. It felt like they have been playing for a very long time. To be fair, the core of this team has been out touring since June. End of May, June, they went to England, they played that series and they came directly came to IPL now again directly into World Cup T 20. So that fatigue might have played a factor, but all is not lost. It's still the first game. There is still a long way to go. India are in a fairly easier group if I have to put it that way. So there is still a chance for us to go through. But yeah, as you said, Pakistan was absolutely clinical. Pakistan executed their plan extremely well. They attacked India's weakness very well. The pitch played a very important role. In fact, some of them even said that you played an important role, but I still believe we could have played a little better in the first five, six overs. Losing those two quick tickets didn't help. But how good was Shaheen Afridi man, like the balls that got out Royce Sherman, especially the ball that got out KL Rowell, I don't think any batsman in the world could have defended that. That means unbelievable because he was making the ball move. Like when I saw the Indian team bowl, it was nothing. The pitch fell dead. The ball was not moving. Even Bombra couldn't get the ball to move. Meaning it just shows that Shaheen yesterday, on that day was just on another level. And let's finally end this talk by how amazing Barber is. Like, what a classy batsman, what a talent. It's so sad that we don't see Pakistan play that often because they don't play so much international cricket. But just seeing them bat yesterday, I'm a hardcore India fan, but I'm a cricket fan. Just to see classy batting was just amazing for me. Yeah. If I have to pick only one positive for India for this entire game, is Viragui scoring a 50, I think that's extremely important. Punt scored an important 40. So those are the positives I will take. If I'm an Indian fan, I am an Indian fan, so I will take that as a positive. And this is a personal bias. The sight of a left arm pace bowler swinging the ball back into a right hander, I don't think there is any better view in one ticket. Yes, I agree. And let's end this with a little bit of a sad, bitter note post the match. As unfortunately, as we become very common in today's world of sport in general, the social media hate that some of our players received, especially monarchy. Me, I think that was really sad to see. I felt pretty disgusted, to be honest. And it's so unfair. And I am happy that some of our elite ex cricketers such in, for example, took a stand and defended Shami. But the sad part is that why do we need people to defend when it's such a stupid in a way, right? So I really hope cricket becomes better than that because we are seeing Indians taking the knee for Black Lives Matter, which was a little surprising when all of this is happening internally within our country. So that was sad. Yeah. That was indeed a very solid note. In fact, Shami was even attacked before, even after the Champions Trophy finals, if I remember correctly, 2017. So that's very unfortunate. So the cover of other results, the World Cup actually started with South Africa versus Australia. It was a brilliant game. In fact, out of the four or five games that have been played, this is the best game or the closest game that we have seen. It was a great watch. Good game. Australia won by five tickets. Then came what was the previous World Cup finals. But England gave rollicking like bashing to West Indies. West Indies are all about 55 all out England in 9 hours. And the other game was Bangladesh versus Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka thoroughly hammered Bangladesh by chasing 171 runs within 19 hours. And while we are talking today, Afghanistan just hammered Scotland by 130 runs. Mojibi Ramadan picked up five wickets. Rashid Khan picked up four wickets. It was a nothing game. So day 20 World Cup has started really well. There are some serious teams playing. So this is going to be a very interesting one. You guys make sure you keep following them and we will make sure that we will bring the action to you every time we record. And that's about it for this section. In the next section, we will talk about the big European football night. So enough of T 20 cricket. In fact, enough of cricket for the time being. Let's move on to the big European action and let's start at nowhere else. We start, of course, at the Old Trafford where Liverpool created history by defeating Manchester United five. There is absolutely no way to hide for Ole now and see, it's not like United suddenly played very badly. United have been playing this for a while, but I think for the first time they faced a quality opposition who can exploit and show exactly where their weaknesses are. And that's what happened. Like Liverpool. And goes to show how much of a crack Ronaldo has been feeling for all day. Yeah. I think to get to the thing that hurt me the most was more embarrassing for United fans is that it's not just five nil, it's that Liverpool at the end literally sympathized with them and let off steam in the last 25 minutes of the game wherein they could have scored another four goals. It could have been unprecedented. This result, potentially five Nil Albert is also unprecedented at Old Trafford. It was unbelievable to see and coming back to how you very rightly pointed out how Ronaldo is in somewhat peppering over the crack for Ole because Gab McCarthy on the ESPN show said it very correctly, if the football game lasted 80 minutes and not 90 this season, Ole would have won just two games. And that is a shocking stat. And those two games were against Newcastle and leads that were the first two games of the season. That's it. So that is like a definition of something severely failing in the United structure. A lot of the blame goes to Ole, but I would say a lot of the blame should go to the players as well, because United didn't become amazing, because Ronaldo, Varan and Sancho came, because without them they were second in the League last season. So something is wrong right now that needs to be fixed immediately because the next run of games are not going to get any easier. They're going to play spurs, they have a must win game in the Champions League and then they play City. So it's going to be pivotal that they turn things around right now. But coming back to the game ball, Firstly, Congratulations, Liverpool, is your team conveniently when Barcelona are not playing well. So you switch around with convenience, like a lot of the City fans. But how did you think Liverpool perform? Meaning Salah, I think you can write a paragraph on him alone, but I think the guy for me and correct me if I'm wrong was Bobby Firmino. He played such a great role as a false nine yesterday. It brought me back to the two years ago when Liverpool won the title. That kind of Formino, form, what do you think? Yeah, Femino was exceptional, but Salah, again, man we talked about, he scored nine consecutive goals for Liverpool in nine games. He has now scored in ten consecutive games. And in this season alone, in nine Premier League games, he has already scored in eight of them, ten goals already. He's the first ever Hattrick scored at Old Trafford by a visiting player ever in the Premier League history. And in fact, before Mohammad Salah, there was another player who did it back in 2003 in a Champions League game. Remember who that person is in a Champions League game. Ronaldo. Yes. So it was 2003, back when I was sitting players Koda Hattrick at Old Trafford. So that is how Salah has been playing right now. He's been in exceptional form, but you have to give her to the entire team. Nabi Keita had a great game, unfortunately, had to be subdued off because of that horrible tackle from Pokeba for which he was red guarded. We'll talk about Pokeball in a little while. So that's the only negative thing that came out of this game. Injuries to Navigate and Milner. In fact, if you had Diagonal and subdue's injury and Harvey Elliott, we have had five injuries in the midfield for Liverpool. But hopefully Fabinho will be back for the game against Brighton next week. So it was a great win, historic win, as we have been talking about now, Ole, you said they have games against Tottenham. The next game is against Tottenham. They have to come back with a response. And it's not just a win. There needs to be a performance. There needs to be some steel, some passion in what they do. So otherwise it's going to be very tough. And then they have the away game against Atlanta and the Champions League. And right before another international break, they have a home game against Manchester City. Now in these three games, irrespective of what happens in the first two games, if they get to see another performance like this against City at Old Trafford just before an international break, things could get very ugly. And we were going to talk about how Pogba may not renew his contract. It was a very horrible do you think there is something internal going on between Pokba and Ole, especially after Pokba made that comment against comment after the Leicester City game. So I think it's two ways. I think there's something internally going on with how Manchester United is probably the board in a way has directed Solschay because Pokba has been deleting over his contract renewal for a while. The renewal amount and the cost the renewal is on the table, but he's not accepted it. And ever since that news came out, he's been more often than not put on the bench. And then came that comment after the last defeat, before this when he said that the tactics are wrong and a lot of things need to change. So Pokemon obviously has not done himself too many favors. But if I were, I won't blame him for not putting Pogba because we said that they needed to be a little defensive today. I have to cut my tongue because last weekend, last time when we had the podcast, I said if Papa starts, Liverpool will hammer United. He didn't start and Liverpool still hammered United. So that goes to show what is United and what is Liverpool right now. But he's definitely not going to renew unless you see the likes of A. Zidane coming in to manage, which is unlikely. But there are some Twitter reports saying that he's in Manchester right now, but I don't see him staying and I don't think United are trying too hard to keep him. So Liverpool are right now in the second position in the table and Manchester United have slipped to seven. So the top three are still the same. Chelsea first, Liverpool second man, City 3rd, 22, 21, 20 points. And then there is this big crowd between fourth till 12th. There's like five points separating between fourth till 12th. All these teams are showing signs of form. Not consistent. Some teams are, but these seven, eight teams are going to be very fun to watch. There's going to be a lot of shifting and showing around. So look out for EPL again guys. Just a couple of quick mentions. Chelsea scored seven against Norwich. Mason Mount scored a Hatrick. There was another hattrick. In fact, three hat tricks in the Premier League this week. Watford Joshua Kingsco to Hatrick against Everton. So that's about it for EPL. This week El Classico is probably the oldest and the biggest Derby. Not just in football but also in the world of sports. In terms of sporting rivalry, in terms of geopolitical rivalry. Barcelona and Riyadh have always been up there and this game creates a whole lot of hype across the world. In fact, it had two of the best players who have ever played the game were playing against each other. Sadly they aren't right now, but the hype is still there. However, the actual gain that happened showed exactly where these two clubs are right now. Now actually though, I forget what I won't call this. This is one of the best classicors I have seen in terms of the quality of football on display. But from a real motorist perspective, job done, three points and I would say don't count out the great goal alabast code. It was an unbelievable finish. It was almost like a striker's goal. But you're right, the reason why I would call it not exciting for the neutral or not like the classic fold because I think this was probably one of the most predictable classic OS in recent memory. Literally every single Department Real Madrid were stronger and I'm not even talking about form. Obviously Madrid were better are coming into the game in better form, but you have a better manager for sure. You have more experienced players. I would say if man for man, better players in Real Madrid, so it never looked too likely. What scared me a little bit before the Classico was when the build up was happening. I saw a jampacked new camp and that was something I was actually doubting. I thought that this might be the disillusion Versa fan might not show up but it was packed to the rafters and I thought that would really push the Barcelona players to some another level. But it didn't happen and throughout the game I would say they didn't have a clear idea of how to attack missed an absolute sitter. Both you and I would have probably scored that goal and that might have changed the face of the game, but after that I didn't see any like we could have played for another hour or so, 2 hours. I don't think Basa would have been able to score and get a victory or a result out of this game. So I think much it deserves victory for Real Madrid, but I think for them also they were not too overtly excited. It was just a job done. That's the new age of Real Madrid. I feel post Moreno with Zidane and coming in, it's just about match for match for match. They're very systematic that way. So it was great. Yeah, I agree with that. In fact, the result is something that I can live with. Two, one. Aguaroscode is first goal in a classical game. That's pretty important. So good on him. But other than that, no one actually showed anything that convinced me that this is good. Maybe Gabby here and there and so far here and there, but otherwise, as you said, Real Madrid didn't have to get out of the third gear or fourth gear. Now, this is where my question is while I was watching, it felt like Real Madrid were very comfortable. I knew that Barcelona can't break them, so they were kind of well within their limits and not trying to push too hard. Now, is this their peak fitness level? Because again, the midfield was cruise, casamir on mortarge. Angelotti didn't take any chance. Big game. I'm not going to test Valverde or any other small Kamavinga or any other youngsters, but can they continue this? Can they sustain this for the rest of the season? See, I think they can. The thing is that when Madrid get into a group, they go into long runs of victories. Like they go into like 1520 games unbeaten. That's what they're capable of without playing spectacularly. Yes, they had a great game against Shaktar. Five nil, but they're more than new. Real Madrid, I would say is one nil, two nil functional. Functional. Functional. Yeah, you're right. Functional. But the big positive for me in that game was that it was not a Benzema game. Benzema actually didn't have a great game. It was all about the other players. And to see that other players can also show up when they need to, I think that holds me in good shape. There is no way of winning the Champions League. Don't get me wrong, they have no chance. I feel it'll be a miracle. But La Liga, they've held themselves in good stead. They will get the results out where other teams fail. And Real Murder just didn't get good news from camp. No, in fact, they got good news from other games. Also, the other top of the table clash between Real Associated and Athletico Madrid. Yes, you heard it right. Real Society and Atletico Madrid top of the table clash ended in an exciting two. Two. Atletico Madrid again coming back from going down to nil. This has become a pattern this season. Something is going on and the pattern is who's scoring, who is, who is. Yeah. I mean, I'm really quite surprised at how badly Athletico Madrid have been defending this season, because if there's one thing that defines Colosimone tenure with Athletico Madrid is a sturdy defense, an impenetrable defense. I've never seen a black pick the ball from the back of the net so many times in my life that he has in this season. And that's something to be worried about because this League is going to get harder. There are big games to play. They have to play Madrid. They have to play game with Sevilla, et cetera. And if they can't keep a back line strong, they're not the five goal scoring team. So they will struggle. Their luck will run out one day like how United did with Ronaldo not being able to save them. So I'm worried for them. But personally, outside of this podcast, I'm delighted that they are playing badly. But that's just me because it gives us more leverage as Madrid. But I have a question for you. Right. And this is going back to the Barcelona point, just one last point before we move on from the La Liga. Don't you think Aguero now deserves a start over Sara Depay? Because after the flurry of goals they had at the beginning of season, beginning of the season, I've not seen anything from Dubai, like nothing now I would say he doesn't have to replace Dupai, Dupai and Sufati and Aguaro can play up front. Definitely he deserves a place over Luke Deion. Definitely anyone PK can play the striker over Luke Deion. So at least he can play as a focal point. So that might work. Now, the Laga table right now read like this. Real society on top. Remember, they have played one game extra. Real Madrid second, one point behind Societa. Sevilla had a big win in the weekend there on third and Atletico Madrid on fourth. Like La Liga and like EPL Seria also had its biggest game of the weekend. It is the Darby's Italia. In fact, this is what we call as the Italian Dharbi. It's between Inter Milan and Juventus. We expected it to be a boring, tight game, which it was. And the only difference is we thought UAE will win one nil. But it was one, one Inter I thought were robbed. That penalty was very contentious. I wasn't happy at all. The old UA strikes again, controversial decisions going their way. We've seen it before. It's happened before so many times it makes me uncomfortable. But yes, they were robbed. Simone Xagi got sent off as well. By the way, we are talking about an 89th minute penalty that Diabala slotted away to save the game for Juventus. Yeah, it was not a penalty by any means. It will not. And they will be talking about it. I think they're lucky that on the same day as many other ridiculous results. So it might go under the cracks. But yeah, this was a little interesting to see. So, yeah, I don't think you guys would mind this result, to be honest, and so would enter because Inter have not been playing that well. I think they might have also been okay with a draw. If you said close your eyes, what would you want the result to be? But 89 minutes on they were winning the game. So yeah I think that was the highlight of the game for me, nothing else. So talking about coaches getting red carded, we had another game where both the coaches got red carded. It was the Roma was a snappily game. Both Mourinho and Spellede. Both were red carded for different reasons, for different context altogether. They both are fighting against each other. I mean this was a boring we said Mourinho will start so many different aspects. He's never going to let a goal go. It ended Nilnil. Roma at home had about 30% position. If I'm not around, the roam media is already ripping him apart but I don't think he cares. But this wasn't a great game to watch. But Napoli still unbeaten, they are continuing their run so it's good for them. So hopefully Napoli stays like this and takes it really close. Now they are still on top after nine games followed by AC Milan who's continuing their impersonal run. Actually they have been very consistent. Third is Inter Milan and fourth is Roma. Thanks to that draw. If it was Classico in La Liga, it was L classic in League. Yes it was a big game between Marseille and PSG. It ended in a boring Nynil draw. The game was really not that great. Apart from Hakimi's red card, nothing really happened in the game. In fact because of that PSG went down to ten men and they had to defend and even messy pretty much defended very well for PSG in that game. Look, I predicted the game wouldn't even get completed, wouldn't even cross for 90 minutes because of the fan troubles that we have seen over the last two or three months in France. But the game did finish thanks to some really tight security. I mean if you guys could catch up on the highlights or some of the photos you can catch online, you could see Neymar taking a free kick surrounded by policemen holding those riot guards and everything. So it was a site to witness. But anyways, as I said this match wasn't great and also it didn't make any difference in terms of the League position. Psg are still way on top and they look comfortable to wrap this League season as well. That's enough for football and cricket. So we move on to F one action. The US Grand Prix happened. Impressive. Great wind, right? It was a great win. I saw the highlights because it was in Austin, it was like really late at night and I almost had overdosed on sport yesterday. So I saw the highlight this morning. An unbelievable race by worst app in because Hamilton for the majority of the race was putting so much pressure on what steppen. So there was unbelievable levels of concentration from him for a youngster like him and a great result for the Red Bull because this was a must needed wind to get some gap between Hamilton and Worst Happened. It was also a great result for the constructor because you had Paris finishing third as well. Getting on a podium after a while because it's been quite a disappointing season for him. I would say an all around a great weekend for the Red Bull. Hamilton obviously came second, but yeah, not too much drama in the race actually. It was quite a steady regular race. Leclaire showed a great value of himself. Like he finished fourth, which was good for him. Ricardo finished fifth for the McLaren. Great result because he didn't start near, he started at the back of the line. So yeah, it was a great result for Red Bull. Looking forward to the next races. Yeah, the next race is on 8th number. It's the Mexican Grand Prix. And as for the points, right now, West Happened is on lead, he's on 287 and Hamilton is on 257. So the gap is slightly widening but it's still really close. Hamilton can still catch up this time on Speed Point. We have only two major updates. In fact, the first one came just two or 3 hours back. It is the announcement of two new IPL teams. Yes, Laknow and Amdabad are the two new cities who are going to get their own IPL teams. The Lucknow team was bought by RPSG Group, the one who owned the Rising Pony Supergiance for two seasons and the Abdabat team was won by a private equity firm called CVC Capital. So Ishan any interesting bidders that caught your attention? It would have been interesting to see the Glazers Lancer Group take over IPLD. Meaning Vanderbik would have had a chance to play for it as the Dutch representative. But it would have been fun to see how football or an American football owned generally they buy those kinds of clubs to run a cricket club. It would have been a very different approach towards cricket. It would have been interesting to see. I think it would have been quite revolutionary to be because cricket has never had that kind of ownership. So it would have been interesting for the game. Sadly it didn't happen. But meaning I'm not too surprised with the two like CVC is obviously new to this Port. It'll be interesting. They might go very data way like the branchford style, but I don't know how that applies because I think I said that on a group. The Australians don't comply to data, right? They will say

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and suddenly stock is you paid 5 million for stock and you'll be like, no, I want to be at home. It will be good to see. I'm not too sure. Because as good as Pune and Rajcoat, right? Those are the two teams when CSK was off. Those are the two teams that were added. So I'm the bad I'm guessing for the Narendra Modi Stadium needs to have some IPL games and an IPL final. So I guess it makes sense. Very valid point. But that one point you brought in. Actually, it was very interesting. It would have been interesting to see an American sports franchise owner running an Indian club because look, they are the Star Wars of how to run a sports franchise franchise. Yeah, of franchise sports. So it will be great to see them bringing in their knowledge, their structure to an Indian sports franchise. It would actually also help the entire ecosystem better. So let's see how CDC and RPSG do because post franchise, as you guys have noticed, it's a growing business. It's an interesting business. It's not very new for Indian audience and Indian public. But if you've seen European and American economy, sports plays a very major role and franchisee sport plays a significant role in developing sporting talent. So I am totally looking forward to more and more teams coming in IP. Yeah. Just to end this, to give you an example, the most valuable teams in the world. In the top five, you have number one, the Dallas Cowboys with an American football team. You have the Los Angeles Lakers, who is NBA team. You have the New York Knicks NBA team, New York Yankees who are a baseball team. So if you're looking at the most valuable, most money making, there are primarily all American teams. So it would have been very interesting to have that kind of an approach into cricket because it's been the devoid of it. But yeah, we never know what the future holds. Awesome. Now since we are talking about the American franchise board, let's move to probably is NBA your favorite American franchise sport? Well, I would say it has been my favorite for the majority of my life. But in the last couple of years I've been really following baseball a lot and it's really interested me because when I was a kid, ESPN used to show baseball and at that time the Yankees were at their peak. So it was great to watch. But then they stopped showing it in India, so I lost touch. But then thanks to my PlayStation, I've gotten back in touch with baseball. I play baseball on the PlayStation more often than FIFA, so I know what's happening in the world of baseball now. I follow it very closely. But NBA for me is still my favorite American sport. And this season has started off pretty Interestingly. If I look at the predictions I gave last week, I gave the Western favorites to the warriors and they started amazingly well. Three and four to start, which is great. Not a big deal. 82 games in the season, but they started Steph Curry is looking like the MVP. He is truly a once in a lifetime player. The Los Angeles Lakers, in fact, yesterday won their first game after eleven games, including preseason. So they have really struggled to get a win together because too many egos on that side they're almost like a PSG. Too many big players in one team, too many old big players in one team. So they need some time to gel. But they'll get there because they're all champion players. They'll get over it. On the East Eastern Conference, you're not seeing too much drama happening. Milwaukee has not started off that well. The Nets have also not started off with the New York Knicks, who have a great young squad, have started well. They are on the top right now of the Eastern Conference. Still too many games left, too early to call. But some great young youth rookie players. Watch out for Lamela Ball, who was a rookie last year from the ball family, which is more known for news than basketball. But watch out for Lamella Ball. He's a true talent. All right. That's great. Shanta. Before we say Tata, goodbye to everyone, why don't you give a quick update on what baseball fans, if there are any listeners who are baseball fans, can look forward to. I think right now the baseball fans in India will probably be me, but I'm hoping to grow that by talking about it more often. But right now it's the World Series final, which is going to start this week. It's a very American thing to do. Call it a World Series when there's just American play, it's a very normal thing. Nba champs are world Champions. Atlanta Braves are playing the Houston Astros. A bit about Atlanta Braves. They're one of the most historic teams in baseball because they were originally one of the few teams to get African American players to start playing. And Atlanta, obviously, in terms of population, dominated by African Americans, there's the first World Series appearance since 1999. So it's been a huge hiatus for them. The Houston Astros is their fourth World Series appearance in the last five seasons. One of them, which they won, was marred with controversy due to cheating. They were stripped of that title. It's a very funny story. One day I will have an episode to tell you about how they cheated. It's ingenious. Somebody should do it in cricket. It will be fun, but it's going to start this week. I'm very excited for it. My money is on the Atlanta Braves. They've got a great team. They've got Freddie Freeman, who's probably one of the nicest guys in sport, who for me is the best player right now. So let's see how that goes. You can catch it on by downloading an app like how you can do it for NBA if you just want to watch the World Series and get a taste of baseball. All right, guys, that's about it for episode 42. Thank you very much for staying all this time with us. We had fun recording it. Hope you had fun listening to it. So next episode, we will talk about the remaining T 20 matches. That's going to happen in the next two or three days. We have a very good game tomorrow which is new Zealand versus Pakistan. In fact Pakistan are fresh after their victory against India will be looking forward to continue their good run and we have another game which is South Africa versus Western. Both these games lost their first game so they will be looking forward to their first win and we'll talk a bit about the EFL games and there are some midweeks for algae and the Syria games are also happening so until then it's bye from Bala and bye from Mishana. Have a great week. Thank you everyone for listening. If you enjoyed what you heard please make sure you hit the subscribe button and also please like we are literally begging to rate our podcast on whichever app you're listening to. It not only helps us but also helps new listeners to find our podcast easily. You can also reach out to us on Twitter and Instagram at the rate sportschurcha a big shoutout to the jam room audio for our theme music. You can follow the jam room on Facebook at the rate the jam room audio. Bye.