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EP40 - Ole Conundrum

October 21, 2021
Sports Charcha
EP40 - Ole Conundrum
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Is this the beginning of the end for Ole? The Manchester United manager has more questions than answers after their disappointing loss against Leicester which also ended their record unbeaten away run. Unlike United, Barcelona and Juventus turned a corner with their impressive wins against Valencia & Roma respectively. We also look at our early predictions for the NBA season and Thomas & Uber cup updates. Let's go!

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Here's a God of the game. Is this the beginning of the end for Ole? The Manchester United manager has more questions than answers after the disappointing loss against Leicester, which also ended their record unbeaten away run. Unlike United, Barcelona and Juventus turned the corner with their impressive wins against Valencia and Roma respectively. We also look at our early predictions for the NBA season and the Thomas and Uber Cup updates. Also, we'll look at the upcoming T 20 World Cup. Let's go. Hello and welcome to episode 40 of Sports Church where like every other week we are going to cover all the sporting action that happened across the weekend, which includes football, of course. But we are also going to talk about the NBA season that's going to start. There is a Batman and of course, there is cricket. Also. Now to do that like every time. Let's welcome Ishaan to the show. Hi guys. Hope you had a great week. We're really excited about talking about this episode. Some really great games. So excited to get started. So we'll start obviously with the English Premier League now, not many big games, big games as in against the top four or the top two. But the game that attracted everyone's attention was obviously Leicester City versus Manchester United for many reasons, for the issues that Manchester United have with injuries, with form, et cetera. But I was surprised to see Maguire on the starting line up. Was that a mistake or what did you think? Meaning I don't think there's even a doubt about it. After seeing Maguire play, he was not fit. He actually had only one practice session post his recovery. And I think Ole missed a step in selecting him in the starting line up, especially against his old side, who know him very well in terms of his strengths and weaknesses. I think we made a lot of Mist's steps. But I have a question like this. United started off great. It was the Ronaldo fever. But do you think the slump is more down to the players or the manager? Because we'll talk about the game in a bit. But I want this question. It's been bugging me. So what do you think? So it's not one or the other. So if I have to split, I would say 60% manager and 40% player or 65 35. See, the reason why I gave 35 players is obviously missing some key players. Missing Veranda. Defense is a big problem for Manchester United. So that is something we have already known. So on that side, I would say give 35 a player. But on the other hand, you still have someone like by, someone like Lindelof who can defend decently. They're not bad defenders. I mean, look at Tuhel, right? Diego Silva wasn't available because he was with Brazil team. So he wasn't available for the game. He gave confidence to someone like Shalaba, played him in defense. That kind of coaching is missing with Olay, so I would give 65% the manager. He should have understood what's going on. You should have seen the problems after the second goal. You should have seen the problems. You should have made changes, you should have made changes to formation, et cetera, to get this sorted. So it was pretty disappointing to watch. I think the biggest failing right now and you have to talk about United is their complete lack of midfield. Pogba being the highest assist guy in the Premier League I feel is almost like a headless chicken in this. The way United set up 3421 format doesn't really suit him because they don't have a defensive midfielder like he has for France next to him like when he plays for France he's got Angolo Kante covering up for all so that he can go forward. Here he is the defensive midfielder so to speak, especially in this side. And I think it's not his role with Bruno coming in, playing the number ten role. Pogba I don't think is comfortable playing a deeplying midfielder. In fact, it's ironic Yuri Tillemanz who scored a wonder goal is literally the exact player United are lacking right now in their squad and there were some really good goals in the game. But I think that's where Ole has some big problems right now that's in midfield because they just don't have enough strength going, defending, holding the line before it goes to the defense. Plus they're not supplying enough to Ronaldo. So Ronaldo has also left alone for most of the match. Yeah. And also this month, in fact, this entire next one and a half months generator have a really tough fix. We talked about it I think during our last episode of episode before that how tough United's fixture lists are and how challenging it's going to be for Ole to come out of it alive. It's going to be a big, big task for United. In fact, they have a game with big Champions League game against Atlanta tomorrow night. In fact today's 19th October Tuesday. So tomorrow night they have their third Champions League games against Atlanta and after that in the weekend they have the big one against Liverpool. So not getting at least one victory out of this two will start the chatter amongst fans. In fact, a majority section of the fans have already started talking about they deserve does only deserve to continue as a Manchester United manager. But if he doesn't get a favorable result in the next two games, that chatter is going to get louder and louder and louder. But I don't think the board will take a knee jerk reaction and fire him soon, at least until January. I don't see them firing him at least until January. I'll tell you how this month is looking like for United. They have Atlanta, now, Liverpool, then they have spurs, then they have Waterford and then they have Man City, meaning it's make or break for Ole. I still don't see him getting the boot no matter what happens, because I find it difficult that they lose all their six games, but it's going to be tough and nobody would want to replace him right now. So I think they'll still somehow manage with him until the season. The only thing I might see it breaking is if they're not in the run for a Champion League spot almost by the end of the season, that's when I think it will be real pressure for him. But on the other side, Congratulations to Lester. They actually had not a great start to the season, but they have actually picked up with this win. So big ups for them, big ups for Brendan Rogers, Tillerman's, Vardy, Madison all had a really brilliant game. Now, the other results, the other table topper, Chelsea had a lucky win against Brentford. I mean, we have all seen how Brentford has been playing this season. They have been exceptional, they have been bold, they've been in your face and they almost knocked it from Chelsea. If not for some exceptional goalkeeping by Edward Mendy, otherwise Chelsea would have easily lost the game. I'm not even talking about Raw. They would have easily lost the game. But do you see cracks? I mean, we talked about cracks opening up in this Chelsea team. Do you see the cracks widening? Yes and no. Brentford. We knew it was going to be a tough challenge and now with the life, with the way Edward Mandy is playing for me, one of the most informed goalkeepers in the world right now, I think what Tukal might be a little concerned with is Lukaku because he called it out postmatch that Lukaku is unselfish. If you've got Ben Chilwell scoring goals every game, I'm not too worried about Lukaku not scoring, meaning that sounds really great for the press, but you spend 100 million plus on a forward and he started off well, but not scoring that much. It will be a concern definitely down when it comes down to the big games, right? He's already zero and one in a big game this season with Man City. They lost that game. They're going to have other big games. The big players need to show up. So, yes, it would be a concern, but I think they want to keep winning these smaller games or in quotations. I would say smaller games get those three points in the place because these big teams are the big teams are dropping points there. Now, the game of the weekend, by far the best game of the weekend was absent Villa versus Wolves. Absent Villa were leading two nil up to until the 18th or the 79th minute, but Wolves came back in the last 15 minutes with the five minutes of extra time, scoring three goals and winning the game three, two. Just to remind you guys, is also what we call as the Midlands Dabi. It's a big Dabi in that area. So it was a great game. I don't think it was even Telecaster in India, at least not on Star Sports. But it was an exceptional game. Other big results. Liverpool defeated Watford final. Mane has scored 100 goals. He has become the third African to score 100 goals in Premier League. City versus Burnley city two. Bernley nil. The only surprise of this game was it wasn't a final, it just ended as a tunnel. Otherwise, nothing unusual happened there. We will just finish English Premier League with the final game or not the final game. In fact, it was a Sunday night game. It happened between Newcastle and Tottenham. This game grabbed headlines for many reasons. One is obviously the Saudi takeover that has been going on for the last two weeks. But on the other side, there was almost an unfortunate incident in the stands. There was a fan who collapsed in the middle of the game. But Sergio, the Tottenham liftback, actually spotted something going on in the stands. He was smart enough, quick enough to stop the game. And Eric Dyer went and got the immediate medical assistance and we got to know that the fan is now actually good. He's stable. In fact, one of the main doctors came out was a fan himself. He's the doctor of the Middlesborough Youth Academy and he came out, he was watching the game and he actually did the CPR to the fan. So big ups to him, great. He got a great reception as well after that. So, yeah, it was a very scary moment. But at the end, he's fine, he's stable. So it ended well, I think before we close out the Premier League, I just wanted to talk about the Arsenal game because La Cassette scored dramatically in the 96th minute to save Arteta again, in a way. And by the way, it was Lacazette's first goal of the season. So it was a game against Crystal Palace who was managed by Patrick Vieira, an Arsenal legend. So it was a great game. If you guys watch the highlight, some lot of drama because Arsenal are so bad defensively. Crystal palace had a lot of chances, so it's a good highlight to watch. Do check it out. So the table now reads like this. Chelsea first, Liverpool second, City third, Brighton fourth, Tottenham fifth and United 6th after the end of game week 8th. So that's about it for the English Premier League. In the next section, we will cover the weekend games, the four weekend games we talked about during our previous episode to watch out for. So the first game was the big one in Syria. It is the old Lady Juventus under the coaching of Allegri played Roma under Mourinho. This has a lot of history, a lot of history in terms of Mourinho versus the UA crowd. In fact, there were images that Mourinho was showing three fingers to the UAE crowd, telling them that he won a triple tinter eleven years back, but the game ended one nil. In fact, Mourinho was kind of out Mourinhood by allegory. Were you able to catch this match? I saw it wasn't spectacle, but it was a very tight game. It was a typical allegory team versus a Mourinho team. And I think we set this. Typically an allegory team that starts really badly, finishes really well, and I think that's how it happened. Whatever the criticism, both of us and the rest of the world is laid against you Ventus, man for man. They still have a stronger squad and they just played better on that day and they had a great game, solid game, clean sheet. So I don't think Mourinho also would be too perturbed by this result, because when you come into a season when he was evaluating the season before it started, he said, okay, I'm not going to win three points in this game. Let me plan otherwise. So not much. It's not altered his plans. It's just that the way you went displayed since the beginning, I think, must have given a lot of other people hope. The game was talked about for one massive controversial moment. What exactly happened was Mikitarian was fouled by Sesley inside the penalty box, but the ball went to Tammy Abraham and he slot that into the net. But the referee blew the whistle before Abraham played. That, in fact, caught that goal and it became a penalty instead of a goal, which was then saved by Chevy. I was watching it live. It was really bizarre for me. It was very obvious that the referee should have taken advantage and given the goal to Roma. But rules are rules. He blew the whistle before he kicked the ball, so it became a penalty. And unfortunately for Roma, Chesney saved Chesney to point out had a very horrible start, but he's actually done really well over the last two, three games. Now, the next game that we talked about was another Roam team, which is Lazio versus Inter. This was a shocker. I thought Inter will do better. In fact, they scored the first goal, they scored the first goal within 15 months or something like that. But impressive comeback by Latzio, impressive comeback. And I think they were the butts better side in the second half. And I think more than the result, I think everyone's talking about the sending off that happened, which I have no idea. Why would anyone do that for people who wouldn't catch the game? Philippe, who is the Lazio defender, went and celebrated Lazio goal by jumping onto Korea, who is a new interplayer. You are ex Lazio and those two are really good friends and jumped onto his back to celebrate and he got sent off for doing that. Sometimes the world of football throws these gems at you. I just want to leave it at that. Yeah. It was not just Korea who went back to Latte it was the Inter coach in Saki himself going back to his previous team. Now this is where I have a bit of I have to congratulate Sari a bit. He has come against two big coaches or big teams in the last three weeks. Three, four weeks. One was against Roma and now against Inter and both the games his team came out as the winner. So I am totally looking forward to other big games against Latzio. I don't know when Flatia was his UAE, I don't know when statsuo was a snappy. I'm totally looking forward to Latzio's games this season. Now talking about Napoli. What an impressive start. Eight out of 899 out of 100 times a team which has eight on eight in the beginning of the season, you will expect them to go on and win the title. But Napoli is one in 100 team. They can if there is one team that can screw up even from this position, it's Napoli. So I will hold my predictions for Napoli. But good on them, eight on it. It's not easy. Very good on them. I hope they continue this great turn. So the Syria table now reads like this. As I said, Napoli on top eight on eight. Milan second who had an impressive comeback against Verona, going to kneel down, coming back and winning the game three, two. Inter Milan third, Roma fourth. They are still in and around the top four area. Latzio after the impressive performance, Atlanta 6th and Juventus 7th. The third big game of the weekend was in La Liga. It was the big one, Barcelona versus Valencia. When Valencia scored the first goal I was like okay, same old story. Nothing has changed. This is going to be a massacre again. But what happened after that? I was actually surprised to see Barsa play like that. It was very good. I hope this continues. I hope this is not just the flash in the pan but I think this is where both Barcelona and Real Madrid show their metal and their skills. This is just before a classic. Traditionally just before a Classico, one team is in dire Straits and the other team is doing really well. This time it was Barcelona who had a really bad string of results. But I think it's the Ansu Fatty effect, him coming back from injury, he actually scored a goal. They played really positive football which is very rare to see at least in the last couple of years against with Cumin. But I think Fatty doing so well. Aguero got his first game like appearance for Barcelona. So things are going in the right direction for Barcelona. The big miss and I think for them right now, especially for the Classico would be there will be no Petrie, there will be no Arau. So those are going to be two major losses for them because Arah has been, I think one of the hidden Stalin for Barcelona this season. That nobody talks about. He's been so solid in defense. He's actually made PK looked better than he actually is as a defender and they're going to miss him. But let's talk about this game 31, a well deserved victory, a very good morale boost for the fans as well as the players. Great. Now this actually sets up the Classico. Brilliantly, which is going to happen next week. We will cover we'll have a nice section on Classico in our next episode because look, there have been many football rivalries over the year, but Classico is always a Classico, so it's always close to our hearts. Ishaan and I personally speaking. So we will talk about the Classico in the next episode. Now to finish off La Liga Real Associate, one thing, Balla, Balla. I want to add one thing. This is going to be the first Classic code since you and I have known each other, that there will be no Ronaldo and messy. I mean, not Ronaldo and messy in the teams itself. There has been a Classico before in the eleven and the starting eleven, they were in there. But first time, not Ronaldo was a real murdered parent, Missy. As a basketball player. That's true. So, yes, we will talk about Classico more in our next episode. Now to round off the League table, Real Associated are on top. In fact, they played one game extra. Real Madrid's game got postponed because of the South American players coming back late after their international games. Real Madrid second, Sevilla third, Atletico Madrid fourth. Barcelona right now are on 7th. Now the fourth game, which we thought would be a great game, will be a great contest because it's between the number one and number two teams in Bundesliga ended like a number one was number two game in Bundesliga every year, buying one, five, one. They should have profited the game after the first half because actually I saw the highlights of this game. I've never seen a more dominant first place versus second place match in a really long time. Bayern Munich was just they were playing out from another planet, the football they were playing, Lewandowski, Muller, Nabri, all of them were just like absolutely Demolishing Leverkusen. And it was, I think, one of the most onesided top tier games you've seen in my recent memory. But this is buying Munich, man. What do you expect from them? They're just getting better and better and I think they are adding a different element. With Nagelsman, they're more of a unit. If I remember buying with Hansi Flick, they were serial winners, but there were some players who are not there yet, some friction, internal friction. But right now everyone is just going all guns blazing and it's a really scary prospect for obviously not in Germany they're going to win the Bundesliga, but for Europe as well. Now that is impressive on Buy and they rightfully are on top of Bundesliga right now, followed by Dortmund Levakusan and Fryberg. Surprisingly, they are on fourth. The NBA season starts tomorrow. 05:00 a.m. For Indian viewers, the first game is between the current Champions, Milwaukee Bugs versus Brooklyn Nets. So Isshan, what are your early predictions? I think to start, I think this season probably has a lot of controversy before the season has actually begun. And we spoke about this with the COVID vaccination issues, star players not wanting trying to force a trade. And unlike in football, it's not that easy to do in the NBA. I'm talking about Ben Simmons with the 76 Ers. But if I have to give my early season predictions, who am I looking forward to watch is the Golden State Warriors because Clay Thompson, after a year long ACL injury is back. So the Splash brothers, which is Stefan Curry and Clay Thompson, are going to be playing together after one year, which is obviously the most exciting thing in basketball watching those two play together. But when I look at the Western Conference, on paper Lakers look the strongest team because they just have a lot of superstars. But that never means anything in the NBA. I think for the Western Conference my money is going to be on the Golden State Warriors because they're just a solid unit and they've got a great rookie season. Like last couple of seasons, they've got great rookies playing for them. So I'm excited to watch them. I think they're going to go really far in the Western Conference. In the Eastern Conference, Giannis and Guppo, any team that he plays for is the favorite. So Milwaukee Bucks, defending Champions. They're going to look strong. But there are the Brooklyn Nets. The Brooklyn Nets have Kevin Durant who for me is the best player in NBA and one of my all time favorite players as well. If he gets going, if he doesn't get injured, he is my NVP prediction for this season. And as a result, Brooklyn Nets will be a strong team as well. So really excited for this season. It's a long season, guys. Week one, week two. Unlike in football, you can't say very much until like the All Star Game which happens like five months down the line. So till then I'm not going to say any prediction, but these are my high level calls. Great. So that's starting tomorrow, so Ishaan if our listeners want to watch want to catch some of this NBA action in India, especially, how can they do? Where can they find live action? So for avid fans who want to get up early in the morning to watch these games live, I would recommend you download the NBA app. There's a paper view functionality there. You can catch that. There are other apps as well where you can catch like a pay per view. Some of them are Indian owned apps. We can put that link on our podcast Bio. But for people who are the casual watches, YouTube is your best bet 30 minutes or 15 minutes after a game is finished, the whole highlights are uploaded onto the NBA official channel. That's where mostly where I watch a majority of the regular season games because getting up in the morning for 82 games is just not a feasible thing. So I would recommend YouTube and for the playoffs I would recommend the NBA app. It's amazing. Awesome. That's about it. For NBA, the other major tournament, the T 20 World Cup has already started. In fact the qualifiers are going on where we have eight teams fighting for four spots and we have eight other confirmed teams who are playing warm up games against themselves. Now the actual tournament is going to start on 23rd October. In fact on 24th October we have India versus Pakistan. So we will cover all that in our next episode. Now during a previous episode we were talking about the Thomas and the Uber Cup. It's completed the Thomas Cup. The men's team was won by the Indonesian men's team. They defeated the defending men's Champions China in the finals. And in the women's side the Uber Cup was won by China who defeated the defending women's champion Japan. For the Indian contingent for both men and women, we both lost in the quarterfinals. Women. We spoke about it last week. They lost to the defending Champions Japan and the Indian men's team. They lost to Denmark in the quarterfinals. Now for avidback Mitten fans, there is a Denmark open going on. We have all big names playing there. We have syndrome who has already qualified for Prequalified Cypress Eat. All of them are playing so watch out for that. It's on Hot Star. So that's about it for episode 40 guys. In fact tonight the Champions League midweek games are starting. In fact two games have already started. Actually Club Bruger and Man City has already started. Man City are leading to the little towards the end of first half. The other games between Bequetas and Sporting Portugal. Sporting is three one up. The big games that are going to happen. One is happening tonight. In fact two games. One is the Athletic. Murder was Liverpool. Remember last time when they met Atlantic defeated Liverpool in the pre quarter finals. And the other good game, I would say a great game for neutrals will be IAKS vs. Dotman. Both are excitingly attacking team with really poor defense. So lots of goals confirmed there's lots of goals. I'm looking forward to Holland Hatrick at least. So it's on any other big games that you'll be watching out for. Not a big game but I'm just going to be watching my Madrid play because I'm worried they're playing. Shaktar Doneicesk and Donnesk are on a two game winning streak against Real Madrid from the group stages last year and we are not in the best of form. So all I want Benzema as usual to save us. So those are the games for you to watch. Out guy. So we'll come back on Thursday or on Friday to talk about all the midweek Champions League games. We will talk about what's going to happen at the T 20 world cup and more importantly we will cover this bazooka of a weekend for sports. So until then it's buy from Bala and buy from Ishan guys have a great week ahead. Thank you everyone for listening. If you enjoyed what you heard please make sure you hit the subscribe button and also please like we are literally begging to rate our podcast on whichever app you are listening to. It not only helps us but also helps new listeners to find our podcasts easily. You can also reach out to us on Twitter and Instagram at the rate sports Church. A big shout out to the Jam Room audio for our theme music. You can follow the Jam room on Facebook at the rate the Jam Room audio. Bye.