Sports Charcha

EP39 - Cee Yess Kayy!

October 20, 2021
Sports Charcha
EP39 - Cee Yess Kayy!
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That's the sound of CSK lifting their 4th IPL Title! An impressive overall performance saw the yellow “DAD” army beating the in-form KKR. What’s next for all these teams and who are going to join these 8 teams in the next season? Talking about next season, the NBA season is going to start and what we can expect. To round up we will look at the WC Qualifiers, Weekend Games and India’s performance at the Thomas & Uber Cup! Let's go!

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Participant #1:
Here's a God of the game. That's the sound of CSK lifting their fourth IPL title. An impressive overall performance saw the Yellow Dad Army beat the informed KKR. What's next for all these teams and who are going to join these eight teams in the next season? Talking about next season, the NBA season is going to start and what we can expect out of that to round up, we will look at the World Cup qualifiers, weekend games, and India's performance at the Thomas and Uber Cup. Let's go. Hello and welcome to episode 39 of Sports ChurchA where we are recording right after the IPL 2021 finals. It's Saturday morning or whatever you call it, Friday night 12:15 a.m. So Isshan hardluck KKR, but yeah, the better team one today. Yeah, I think CSK post the restart of the IPL has just been the most dominant team in a way you could say Delhi, for example, but I would say the most consistent. And we spoke about this previously and also independently of this podcast as to how experience counts for something. And the national pension scheme is one of the best investments in the world and it paid off right now because a great first inning score, 192 is like a huge target for a final and KKR just didn't have the weaponry to match it. But I think you saw the game ball to ball. What were your thoughts about this game? Could it have gone the other way? Not much, actually didn't put a lot of things wrong in this game. In fact, they even lost the toss. It was Morgan's decision to bowl first and everyone thought that's the ideal thing to do. Previous five out of six games in Dubai has been won by teams chasing. In fact, this IPO. Towards the end of this IPL we saw a lot of times teams chasing won the game more than the team setting. So everything went right for KKR in the beginning of the game, but I believe their bowling wasn't up to the Mark. And to be fair, Faf and Ruthraj continued their impressive form throughout the season. Ruth Raj eventually won the Orange cap and I saw an interesting start that this is only the second time in IPL, just three in 40 years of IPL that a team with an Orange cap holder won the tournament only the second time. And the first time was back in 2014 when Utta Par did it for KKM. That was a pretty interesting stat I was looking at. So these two played really well and I thought Morgan wasn't up to the Mark. There were some fielding misses, something was missing with the KKKR team and the way Uttapa came and played, I honestly thought surge Rayna's injury is a blessing in this case and now I don't even know whether it's actually an injury. I was asked to sit down and let UAPA play. That actually made a lot of difference right now. Was doing nothing, but Utapa came and played two crucial knock. And yeah, as you said, 192. It's a very tough score to chase and win. Kkr has done it twice, actually. Eventually KKR is the only team who have done it before and they started off very well. But one wicket fell and then KKR's middle order was exposed too early and we saw how KK's middle order was in the last two games. So I have a few questions about this Iplay. I believe personally it's been rather entertaining. Post the restart. I think the first half of the IPL was pretty dry. Not too many people watching it as well. But I think the second half, just because it was a shorter format, fewer games and direct playoffs actually enhance the viewer experience. But I'm going to ask you a couple of questions and just ranking questions, who according to you, are the top three most impressive players out post the restart of the IPL? Stand out players for you. So post the restart. So you're talking only about the UAE leg? I think the first name has to be Venketeshire. I mean, he just came out of nowhere. He to me looked like a loud child of Saragopan Ramesh, a bit of Ramesh in him and like a bit of Klusner in him. I don't know how exactly articulated. I mean, people who have seen truth there, people who have seen rubbish might understand what I'm saying, but what an effective player, what a confident player. I have never seen a player starting his IPL career with such panache, with such kutzpah. It was impressive. So bank number one, Ruthraj Gerekwad has been supremely impressive. As he said, Orange cap holder. So Ruth Rajaj should be number two, I would say. And the third player could be. I think Harshal Patel continued to impress. He continued to poll very well. So I'll probably take Harshal Patel as the third one. Now let me reverse it. Who are the three failures? Oh, failures, man. I mean, this seems to be like a very soft target. This guy gets bullied a lot online. I feel sorry for that. But Harvey Pandya was a big failure. He's a very important player, not just for Mumbai Indians, even for the Indian T 20 set up. Seeing him not completely unleashing, his potential is a little disappointing, a little frustrating at times. So to me, he is on top of the list only purely because of what he can do. His potential is enormous and feels like he's not realizing it so Hardik. Pandya is definitely on top, number two and three, if I can think of very quickly, Koli kind of came well towards the end, but he wasn't very impressive as a captain. So Koli, I might say, and to an extent, Sharma also. In fact, these names are more problematic because these guys are going to play for India in the next week. In fact, the day to day so the top players didn't come out well at all. Just to add to that, I would say I was pretty disappointed with Owen Morgan as a player, as a contributor as well as a captain. Oh, interesting. He got pretty lucky with really rare performances in the last game, in the semi finals, six of the second last ball when they choked. Basically they just got lucky though. Delhi would have gone through. They had twelve runs to win in 4 hours or something and they almost blew it. And that includes Oin Morgan getting out. And today, as you mentioned a couple of minutes ago about fielding placement errors, et cetera, I think he got quite lucky. It went unnoticed. But I think for a player of his stature, he really underperformed. Yeah. Actually when you said I wasn't thinking for some reason, I wasn't thinking overseas players, I was thinking Indian players only. But yeah, very interesting point. Yeah, I know your intentions. I know your intentions. World cup is coming up. You are being a little selfish, but I'm going to ask you an interesting question because I watch a lot of American sports and when a season ends, the main focus is on squad rebuild. So I'm going to ask you which team, according to you, needs a massive overhaul or a refresh to get back in shape for the next season of IPL. So one thing which actually needs a lot of changes is Rajasthan Royalsan. Royals have always been a team. You'll never see a lot of consistent players across years. For Zagistan Royals, they have been chopped and changed a lot. Most of their players haven't continued playing with Zazan Royals for more than four or five years. So that's one team. I don't think they will even retain three players. I mean, a team can retain for three players, if I'm not wrong. So I don't think they will even retain three players. Probably one player maybe, but they will probably the team that will go for the maximum overhaul. Other than that, CSK needs a maximum overhaul in the sense that a lot of these players are 35 years old. I mean, see, they have done exceedingly well. The results show for itself. Three finals out of four seasons, two victories in four seasons. You cannot really pinpoint that this is not working. But there are certain obvious evidences on the field. When you see the difference between Rutharaj Gekkwad fielding in the outfield versus Rampathiu running after a ball, there is a massive gap in terms of fitness and fielding capability. So hopefully they address that. So I would say obviously all the teams will go through a massive overall, we are going to get two new franchises also. So it's going to be a very interesting option this time. It's going to be one of those two, three days massive option that keeps going on and on. That's all we have for the IPL. It's been a great season. Congratulations again to the Chennai Super Kings, hard luck Kolkata Knight Riders and also hard luck Delhi Daredevils and my favorite Ricky Ponting. I really wanted them to do well, but as Bala just said, the draft is going to happen to new franchise clubs. It's going to be really exciting next season to see what happens. I hope there are no coach Tucson coming up because we know how that went. So yeah, let's see how it goes. So the NBA season is about to start in three or four days. In fact, the preseason games are almost over. Or maybe it's over. By the time you're listening to this, maybe it's all over. So Isha any interesting news that came out of the preseason? Any team looking good, any player looking good. So what can we expect? So historically, preseason game that feel like warm up games and not treated very seriously? I think most of the players actually say that they don't want to show their true form until the regular season starts, primarily because there are 82 games in a regular season. So you have enough time to gel and start getting the hang of playing with each other. But the startling fact for me was when I saw a couple of games, my team, the Los Angeles Lakers, they've actually done quite a big reshuffle. They've got a number of veterans in as well as a big signing, Russell Westbrook coming in from the Houston Rockets. And please note, Russell Westbrook is one of the greatest point guards in history. He has averaged a triple double for the last two seasons. It's never been done before for people who you don't know, triple, double. Why is it so amazing? It's somebody for 82 games in a season averages double digit points, double digit assist, double digit rebounds or steal. So three stats double for 82 games as an average. So Oscar Robertson did it first and Russell has beaten them easily. So he's joined the team. They have not gelled well at all so far. Lebron James Russell, but it will take time. So they've actually not won a single game in the preseason. So there's zero and six. But I think the big topic for this preseason has not been basketball on the court. It's been about certain players refusing to get vaccinated due to religious reasons or due to certain other beliefs. And I think I am very proud and very happy that the NBA has taken a serious stance on this and made it very clear that if you are not vaccinated, you will not be allowed to play any regular season game and or not even attend any preseason or training for the team. And I think this is a very bold step, especially when you look at how things are, how adoption has been taking place with regards to vaccinations in the United States. So I applaud it. But a lot of teams, especially the Brooklyn Nets, with regards to Kyrie Irving, who has not been allowed to enter any training facilities. He might be let go off due to his stance, we don't know. So this might create a lot of ripple effects in the NBA for reasons not basketball, which is strange, but it adds a lot of drama for the season coming up. So, yeah, I think that's my quick update for the NBA. A lot of news and updates will actually start once it starts mattering. Right now it's all off the box. So that's about it for the NBA updates for this week. Once when the season starts. We will keep giving you regular updates as we move along on the next section, we will talk about the international football, just the World Cup qualifiers. So the World Cup qualifiers rounds have endured. Many teams played three games, some teams played two games. So it's all well heating up right up the top in Europe. Germany and Denmark have already qualified for the 2022 World Cup. Yes, with Qatar. Now we have Germany and Denmark confirmed to be playing in the 2022 World Cup. Issa, Denmark absolutely bossed it. I mean, Boston would be an understatement because they bossed it in attack as well as in defense. Their record is eight games played, eight games, 127 goals scored, zero goals conceded, meaning let's not get carried away. European qualifiers, you need you can have an easier group, but still not conceding a goal for eight consecutive games is impressive. I have a question back to you for Denmark. Do you think this means anything with regards to Denmark at the World Cup? Can they do something? Well, Denmark has always been the New Zealand cricket team of the 90s. They will always do well in the group stages. They'll always be in the round of 16, hardly ever. They reach the round of eight, but they have gone beyond that. So there will be a good addition to the World Cup. Like Denmark, as you all know, over the last five, six months have become a bit of a crowd favorite, a neutral favorite. So having them in the World Cup will actually add a lot of color to the World Cup. But they are actually a very good team. So I'm not sure whether this will turn into an impressive performance in terms of results in the World Cup. But you will have some very good games against Enmark, so I'm looking forward to that actually. And let's move over to the other team that qualified, Bala, Germany from the low days, literally and figuratively, a couple of years ago post their World Cup triumph. They almost had a rejuvenation under, a Hansi Flick, a lot of them, they're playing better football, they're defensively, a little more solid. And you've got Mueller coming back from almost like retirement because joking law had come lost faith in him and he's back in the side and he literally scored the winner in the last game. What do you think about German. They're the eternal dark horses for every World Cup. Would you still pick them as one of the favorites? Based on how they played the last three, four games, the last three, four qualifiers, you can't let them go. You will have to keep them in and around that favorites area. They're still not as favorites as I would say France or Spain, but they are coming up there. You can see that trajectory. And once again, Hansi Flick gets into a team, a broken team, brings them all together and suddenly makes them world beaters. We will probably see an emergence of Timo Werner. I hope he transforms that form into his club form for Chelsea, but there seems to be a bit of a confidence in Werner. He's got about two or three goals in the two games. So, yes, Germany are looking very good and Hansi Flick is an exceptional coach. I'll watch out for Germany, definitely watch out for Germany. Any other games, Bala, that caught your attention? There was a couple of games that took place in South America, Mr. Universe, or should I say Mr. I will retire post the World Cup. Neymar got some goals under his belt with a four one win for Brazil. But anything else that caught your attention? Brazil drew their first game in the qualifiers. I mean, they have had the perfect results so far. They have played, what, nine games or ten games? They drew one. Everything else, it was against Colombia, a very rare Nil. Nil. They have been absolutely top notch. If you just remove. I mean, it's very easy to say right now, but if you just remove that one nil loss to Argentina and the Copa America finals, Brussels have been on absolutely beautiful form. Their scoring goals, their defense is strong and they have embarrassment of which is in midfield especially. So they are very strong team. We were just talking about favorites. We were just talking about France, Spain. If Brazil can get their act together, they kind of seem to take it too easy, too casual. Sometimes they lose their discipline on the field, but cheat has been exceptional for Brazil. So with Germany, I would say Brazil, I'll watch out. And Argentina not very far, but yeah, definitely the favorites. Argentina, again, are favorites to qualify. So South America, no big surprises, actually. So international football, as we were just discussing, is over for now. So we are back to our regular club football action. So this weekend, in terms of the magnitude of the games, there aren't much big games. I mean, we're not talking about classic. In fact, classic was coming the week after that. We'll talk about that in the later episode. But in terms of big clashes, there aren't many. So what we have done is we have picked two games each Ishan and I will talk about the two games that we think are worth watching and why we think they are worth watching. So Ishaan why don't you start? What's your first game? I think the first game I'm really looking forward to is Valencia versus Barcelona. Both teams struggling right now. To be honest, when you look at Valencia play you would not see that they are eight in the League because they've been playing some great football. But just the results have not gone their way and their defense is pretty weak. But Barcelona on the other hand, the only way I feel the only direction they can go right now is up because they've been so poor. And what's going to be interesting is that most of the squad was superstar in the international games which we've had in the last couple of weeks. If you look at the likes of Gavi, even Sergio Busquets for Spain, he literally had a masterclass in midfield play in the last game for Spain. You look at Dion and Dapai, they've been scoring goals for fun. So it will be interesting if they can bring that onto their club game under Barcelona because Barcelona desperately need a win. They're on the back of two back to back defeats with Atletico Madrid and Benfica. So they really need a win right now because Champions League football is going to come up and they are literally at the bottom of the table. So this is a game which is going to be exciting. Valencia Barcelona like a Valencia, Madrid is always into end stuff. Really looking forward to it. My prediction by the way goes to Valencia, not because I'm a Madrid fan, but I think Valencia still I think are a good team to watch and they play really well. That's my game. And before I get to my second game, Bala, what do you think? What is your first pick? So my game is on Sunday night 07:00 p.m.. It's between Levikuson versus buying it's the Bundesliga game. The reason is very simple. These are the top two teams right now in bundestliga buy in seven games, 16 points. Lever cousin again seven games, 16 points. This is turning out to be a very tight game by and just lost their first game before the international break. So this will be very crucial for them to win this game against Levikusen. And other important point is a player from Levikosan. Watch out for him. Florian words he's I think 90 or 18 years or something. Exceptional player. He is supposed to be Ky Havard's replacement for Levikosan. Watch out for words. He's making a lot of noise in Buddhist Tigga right now is worth vicar troop of habitats and Werner okay but I also have a player to watch out. You might not have heard of him. It's called Robert Levendowski. He plays for Bayern Munich. Unknown player probably winning the Balloon deer small award IPHA award for football by the media. But yeah, I think he can also play a pivotal role in that game. Not scored for a while to finish off my pick for this weekend. Not too many games as Bala said, but I think I would go for Roma versus Juventus because I would purely base it on the importance of history because both teams are not playing that well. So I have to rely on that's. The great thing about Italian football, you can always fall back on history when I think the current situations are not very good. So event is actually to be very fair to them are on the up as predicted, as usual under eligibility. They start off very poorly and then they get their act together so they've got a bunch of wins on the trot. Roma on the other hand started off like Rising Phoenix, but now somebody doused the flames and they're on their way down typically Mourinho style, so they're both going back to normalcy. I expect that you went to swim but it's going to be interesting because you always have a Mourinho factor in that game. And for me Mourinho versus any big club is a game to watch because either way more will make something interesting. If Roma is getting thrashed, he'll punch all agree in the face, two foot tackle Keelini and his season something, or if he's winning, he'll run across the pitch in front of all the green slide. You never know. So it's going to be entertaining. There's an interesting history between the UV crowd and Mourinho, so that will also be an interesting thing to watch out for. Bala, quickly, what's your second pick? Just before going to my second pick quickly, the three games that we talked about all are on Sunday night. Levakus Buying is at 07:00 P.m.. Yuel and Bass Alan Sea are both at night 1230. Technically Monday, but Sunday night my second game or the last game of this round of weekend games to look forward to is again a Seria game, but this time it's between Lazio and Inter. So the reason why this is a great game is again Lazio, it's Maurizio Sari again. He has an industry with all the Northside clubs, all the Milan clubs and all the Turin clubs. So that is one interesting matchup to look forward for and see. It's the two big cities in Italy, it's Rome versus Milan. It's always a big thing when these two other teams from these two cities clash. And also Inter have had a very good start so far so they would look forward to continue their impressive form. Larsen didn't follow up with their impressive win against Aroma and Rondaby. They lost to Bologna so they will look forward to shake that off and start this session, this club's football period with a winning note. So that is my second game that's on Saturday night 930. Well technically tonight it's Saturday 12:44 A.m.. So technically tonight 09:30 P.m.. So watch out for all these games guys. Levakus and Bayern is in Sony, I believe remaining. All three are on vote so watch out for these games and I will talk about these games when we come back on Monday. Ok, enough of football, enough of cricket, enough of NBA. Let's talk about Batman, especially the Thomas and the Uber Cup. For those who don't know what is a Thomas and Uber Cup is basically it's a biennial backbeat tournament. Pretty much the Davis Cup of backbeat and where countries play against each other. So India, we have both men's and women's team participating in this women's team. They qualify for the quarterfinals out of the group stage but unfortunately lost to the defending champion, Japan. So they are out of the tournament. The men's team have qualified for the quarterfinals. They were in a group with China, who are the defending men's Champions. So India will be playing their quarterfinals. So hopefully we will get to see them finish in the podium. Now this is live on star sports and hot stars. So Batman fans do look out for this. If you want to know any major names that are playing in the men's team, we have cyprunid. People who watched Olympics who followed Olympics will remember Saiyan's. So he is there playing. So let's make sure we watch and we support and we cheer for our team. So all the best India do well in the Thomas Cup. All right, guys, that's about it for episode 39. I am actually in a very good mood thanks to Chennai Super Kings. Hopefully this mood continues forever, at least for the end of this week. And then we'll see what happens in the next week. Issa is giving me that you are dead to me. Look, luckily for me and unfortunately for you guys, this is not a video podcast. I think this is destiny because when we started this podcast, it just turned out that Bala is a basic supporter. I am a Madrid supporter and the IPL finals happened between his team CSK and my team KKR. So I think we always kept it entertaining and hopefully many more such finals. But yeah, have a great weekend, guys. Happy Dashara to all our Indian listeners and we'll see you on Monday with all the Premier League and all the stereo and lag results and many more sport updates. So have a great weekend, guys. It's bye from me Ishan and bye from Bala, guys. Have a great weekend. Bye bye. Thank you everyone for listening. If you enjoyed what you heard, please make sure you hit the subscribe button and also please like we are literally begging to rate our podcast on whichever app you are listening to. It not only helps us but also helps new listeners to find our podcast easily. You can also reach out to us on Twitter and Instagram at the rate sports Church. A big shout out to the jam room audio for our theme music. You can follow the jam room on Facebook at the rate the jam room audio. Bye.