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EP30 - Lord Of London!

September 09, 2021
Sports Charcha
EP30 - Lord Of London!
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First Lords now Oval, London is turning out to be a lucky destination for Indian Test cricket. Who needs Ajinkya Rahane when we have Lord Thakur scoring 50s for fun. Has Kohli gotten away with another strange selection choice?  Are we witnessing a great transformation in India’s sporting culture with an unprecedented 19 medals in Paralympics? International football getting abandoned for bizarre reasons and Dutch Grand Prix after 35 years.. Let's go!

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Participant #1:
First Lords. Now Oval London is turning out to be a lucky destination for Indian Test cricket. Who needs Ajinkya Rahani when we have Lord Shahgul Takur scoring 50 for fun? Has Koli gotten away with another strain selection choice? Are we witnessing a great transformation in India's sporting culture with an unprecedented 19 medals in Paralympics International Football Games, getting abandoned for bizarre reasons and Dutch Grand Prix after 35 years? Let's go. Hello and welcome to episode 30 where I think for the first time we are going to stay true to our podcast title when we are going to discuss more than two. Actually, we are going to discuss more than three different sports. And like the previous 29 episodes, I'm accompanied by my co host and my friend Isshan. Hi, guys. And Congratulations to all those Indian cricket fans out there. I think Bala, if you can see his face, I know you can't. You're not missing out on much. His smile is a little crazy right now. See, I mean, we have had great Paralympic success last week. I mean totally bizarre and unseen events in Brazil. But as Ishan pointed out, there's only one place to begin, which is at the Oval London where India just won the fourth Test against England by 157. Apparently this is our first Test within over and some 50 years. And I remember we finished the last episode. The last bit of our last episode was when Ruth's wicket got out. And now here we are less than an hour from get another famous victory from India. I knew you were in office. You were not able to follow the game. But incredible bowling performance. I mean on a bigger which wasn't actually helping a lot for the pace bowlers. Our Pace Bowers picked about seven, eight tickets, I believe so. It was amazing performance. But tell me what happened to our bowling post lunch? Because before lunch it was looking like it was looking very difficult for the Indian bowlers to take wickets. There were good partnerships going on. What do you think happened after lunch? So the ball started reversing and Boomerang again once again showed why he is one of the top it's not the top pace bowler in the world right now. He started reversing the ball brilliantly since yesterday when the game when England started playing the second innings, started bowling on that rough. He was bowling again and again. He kept on bowling on that one end and he got one ball to kind of rip and got the top part of the off stump of Hamid. But that wicket kind of triggered the collapse and then Bomburg came and started reversing the ball. And once he started reversing the ball like England weren't able to manage, Pope and Bersto got out in very quick succession. And that put a lot of pressure on Root. And Koli also to his credit, made some interesting bowling changes. He brought in Shargal Taku who took roots wicket on his very first delivery I mean it was an inside edge but still that worked so those kind of smart bowling changes, the reverse wing all helped all went into his way yeah do you think it was smart bowling or you just lucky there is an argument but then you have to give credit to him for at least taking those decisions to change the bowling. So I once thought that Jadejar should be bowling from the other end he kept on one end in fact pretty much throughout the entire second innings he kept bowling from that one end so I thought that he should have bowled from the other end but it worked again I feel like gotten away with yet another selection choice a bizarre selection choice if England had managed to draw or manage to win this game things would have been really different but again the non selection of Ashwin has been vindicated but I still believe it was a poor decision the way the pitch was turning if Ashwin was there this match would have ended by first session today morning I agree but the one thing hasn't changed for anyone is Bala and my perception of Ajinkyarahani. What do you have to say? Oh man, I feel sorry for Ajinqia Rahani, I really like him. He's a very good player, very good batsman but see this is an Indian team where we have talents lining up like there's so many batting talents, so many boring talents queuing up for a chance and it's criminal to keep one player who hasn't performed for a very long time and keep giving him chances again and again when you have people like Mayank, Vihari, Soya Kumariyada, all these players waiting you shouldn't play favor forging Karahani I agree he's a voice captain but yeah, I think this is it for next test match we should see a change so yeah Rahani sorry man, sorry you have been a great servant but yeah, I think this is it for you. He doesn't know you it's fine Mala, don't get so upset just to sum up the game India actually considered a 99 run first innings deficit and in fact we started out day two really well. England at one point where 55 for four or 65 or five or something but then their middle order and lower middle order played really well Olipop Bersto, Mowing, Ali, Chris Woke all of them played really well they scored about 290 runs but the key was India's second innings batting especially the top three. Top four performed really well I don't know after how many months or how many matches all top four played really well Kayl Rahul scored 46 Pujara again continuing his impressive winnings during the last test match he scored 61 very well made 61 Cole scored 44 but the pick was once again it was Royalma who's proving to be an exceptional player. I remember his ODI carrier turned around in the 2013 Champions Trophy in England, where he started opening for India. So it's fitting that his Test carrier also is starting to take a great shape after being an opener in England. Good on him. He won the man of the match award. So deservingly. So the other surprise element was Lord Shardul Takur. And if bottom wickets, like at a crucial interval is important, wickets again. He's a very bizarre player. Not one of your Orthodox players. Very unorthodox, but yeah, it works brilliant. I think with the Bali reminds me of Jogdar Sharma, if you remember who used to get matched and walled. But he used to always take the crucial wicket and that's what Chardoll Tagore has an upgrade on that because he can bat as well. Yeah. And Panthe also actually redeemed himself. He scored a very important 15. In fact, those two put on a billion hundred and partnership, which actually took India away from defeat, I would say, because post that partnership, India were actually pretty much clear of not losing the game. But yeah, after that, again, umayshia, just beat Bromra. All of them added useful runs and we gave them a target of 368. But England were all out for 210 and second in English. So yet another amazing win. Which means this means India have regained the Pathode Trophy. We can't lose this series. The fifth game is an Old Trafford in four days time. So we'll wait for the Indian team. There has been a cold outbreak in the Indian camp. Rubbish at three. And the fielding coach and the bowling coach have been tested positive. They have been isolating. Now, we don't know how many Indian players were actually affected, so we'll only know after the test results are out. So it's all to play for the last test match. We don't know whether we'll even have the full first starting eleven available. So we'll have to wait and see before we move on from cricket. I have a question for you. A trick question. How much coaching does Ravish Astrid if he's tested positive for covbed and no other Indian player has tested positive? I don't know see Ravishai, as I understand he's not a coach coach. I don't see him giving tips on how to bat and how to bowl and all. He's more like a mentor who brings the best out of the players by motivating them by. That's a very good example. I would say. The only thing is, Dan was an exceptional player while he was playing. Ravi Shastri wasn't an exceptional player. Come on, he won an Audi in the World Series. We spoke about Paralympic success during the previous episodes, but this one is truly incredible. The Paralympics ended and India finished 24th with 19 medals. Yes, guys, 19 medals, five golds, eight silver, six bronze medals. This is amazing. Unprecedented. As an Indian fan who have been following Olympics, I've never seen India cross ten. And this is super performance by all our athletes. In fact, two athletes won two medals each, Avnila KRA and Singrajatana, both in shooting. We won four medals in Batman, eight in athletics, five in shooting, and one each in archery and table tennis. I managed to watch the Pacminton finals, which promote Bazat won. The celebrations when he won were truly amazing to watch. It was really inspiring, really emotional. It was superb. I wish all of them great success, and I hope many other Indians who aspire to become athletes watch these athletes and get inspired by their success. I really hope people are watching this because, as you rightly said, this is unprecedented. There are uncharted waters for India in a global event where few of our athletes have broken world records. And you never associate India to do break world records in an Olympics game, Olympic game. And it doesn't matter if it's Paralympics or normal world record is a world record. So amazing, guys. Amazing job. Congratulations to the entire support staff, coaches, the authorities are the members of the Sports Authority of India. I really hope this is the beginning of something amazing for Indian sport. This weekend we saw the F one Dutch Grand Prix that happened after almost 35, 36 years, and it's the local boy, Maxwell, who won the second consecutive race. Lewis Hamilton finished second. So it's getting really tight to the top of the Championship. So what happened actually summarize the Grand Prix was actually pretty uneventful, which is sometimes it's a good thing. What stepped in was poll and qualifying. He stayed there throughout the race. It was a pretty comfortable and dominant race by worst app and solid and people who do not follow Formula One, it's very difficult. Home crowd is actually extra pressure instead of an advantage in Formula One compared to football. So he had a lot the entire country's weight on his shoulder and he came up clutch, won a very convincing win. Hamilton second bought us third. So as a result, Mercedes, still our number one, hold the top spot in the constructors title by about 14 points. Hamilton is now second because of the second finish to step in by about five points. And that's not a big difference, guys, because it just takes a couple of podium finishes for Hamilton and a bad race for stepping and Hamilton's back on top. The big news that came out of this, two big news that actually came out of this Formula One was one my favorite. The legend himself, Iceman Kimiraiken, announced his retirement from Formula One, so he won't be there next season. And he was met with the covert positive result after announcing it as well. So he did not take part in this race. The other big news is Valdry bought us who was basically Louis Hamilton's number two at Mercedes, a great teammate in terms of just the contribution he's given to Mercedes in the last seven years. Mercedes have won the constructors title for seven years. In a row. That is incredible. It's not just winning individual titles, both other team, they won seven years in a row. Russell will probably most probably take over because he's a backup driver. Anyway, on contract by Mercedes, it currently drives for Williams. He will replace bought us mostly and bought us signed a multi year deal with Alpha Omega. So, yeah, that's a quick update of what's happened in the Dutch Grand Prix and we're looking forward to the next one. Yeah, the next one is the Italian ground Priest. It's on this weekend, actually 12 September. So looking forward to that. And hopefully the race is still tighter. As I pointed out, there's about three, four points gap between Hamilton and Festival, and about twelve point gap between Mercedes and Red Bull. So, expecting a great race. And just a word on Kimi Raikonen, I mean, he's probably, I think, poor Schumacher era. I think I started following Raikan and for a while I still remember the 2007 Grand Prix, where the last race, they had three possible winners and Raikkonen won it and won the 2007 title. So if I have to think of Raikin and I'll always go back to that 2007 final race, it was incredible, great career, all the best to him, all the best to his future. End of this. So, World Cup Qualifies, you've seen a lot of great football, great goals. But what we saw yesterday, we actually didn't see in India, it wasn't Telecaster anywhere. It was pretty sad. In fact, it was Brazil versus Argentina, World Cup qualifier. Brazil. Argentina always is an incredible game. It's the Classico of international football. And the game started off pretty well. For the first five minutes, there were a few nice challenges, nice football. But then on the 6th minute, the game was suspended due to Brazilian health authorities invading the pitch, trying to detain four Argentina players. Now, this is basically you're talking about the four Argentina players who came from Premier League. It is Bundy and Hemi Martinez from Aston Villa, LoCelso and Christian Romero from Tottenham. So all these four players apparently lied to the Brazilian authorities that they weren't in UK for the last 14 days. So for guys who don't know this, like how Brazil is in the Red list countries for UK. Uk isn't the Red list countries for Brazil. So if you are coming from UK to Brazil, you are supposed to quarantine for ten days. And these Argentinian players didn't do. Now, the Brazilian health authorities waited for three days and landed on the pitch after six minutes and it was all chaos after that. Were you up yesterday night or you got to sleep? By the time are you following? I got to sleep, but the first thing I saw in the morning was like 100. Whatsapp about what went wrong in the match? It was pretty comical. And the funny thing right now is that there are a lot of conflicting stories as well because the health authorities have basically said that we wouldn't have barged into the pitch. We've been trying to get a hold of the AFA, which is the Argentinian Football Association for the last three, four days, but we've not had a response condemn. Ball, who basically like the UFO for the South America, have put their hands up saying that we had told Argentina that to follow the Copa America protocols because Copa America got over a month and a half ago in Brazil itself. So Argentina was just following the protocols followed there. So now the matter has gone to FIFA because both the Brazilian FA have thrown their hands up because anyway, it's not their call. Conway Ball has put their hands up and said, FIFA, you handle it. It's really funny because we could see a moment where I was watching something on YouTube where Neymar and Messi were just like hands on their forehead saying, what the hell is going on, man? It's just bizarre. Yeah, this is extremely bizarre. As Sean was saying, there were multiple stories coming out, everyone's pointing fingers at everyone else. So I mean, we are going to see more of this in the next one or two weeks. More is going to come out of this. Now, the biggest problem is how FIFA is going to reschedule this game. Brazil going to get points. Considering this as a 4ft, Argentina going to get points. We don't know. See from the qualifier table perspective, this may not be a big impact because top two are expected to finish top two. So that won't change much but is always a spectacle. So from a football fan standpoint, this was really something disappointing not to see these two great nations fighting it out. On the other side, we had European qualifiers also going on. So Germany had a great start under Hansi Flick. They won their two games. Chelsea fans Theo Werner is scoring goals. In fact, he scored in both the games. So that's good news for you guys. Germany are on top. England are doing really well. They won their two games, phone in each one against Hungary and one against Andora Spain lost their first ever World Cup qualifiers in 28 years. I mean, that's a record in itself. Italy, actually, they didn't win. They drew both their games, but they have equal the record of longest unbeaten streak 36 games. They have gone unbeaten and they have another game, I think tomorrow, I believe. So if they go unbeaten, then that's a new record. Just to interrupt you, is they're undefeated, but the last five games have been draws in 90 minutes, if you include in 90 minutes. Right. So they are struggling to score, which we've seen. They are obviously very solid defensively. But yeah, they're getting the job done. Yeah, it's again, Kiesa, who's scoring goals for them, as you Interestingly. You're right. The games against Poland, Spain and with quarterfinals, they played against Belgium. I think they won that game against Spain. It was a draw against England. Penalties. You're right. Kia is the one who has been scoring goals for them. Other than that emobile insignia Berradi, all of them are actually struggling. They are not able to score goals. So it'll be interesting to see how it'll be going to respond. But the team that is actually being extremely disappointing has been France. We all thought like three months back. They are the strongest team in the world right now. They can put together three starting levels, but they seem to disappoint. I mean, they had two draws, one against Bosnia and one against Ukraine. France should have won these two games. So what do you think? Zidane waiting in the sideline to take you're, right? I think it's almost like the end of a cycle, like how joking Low reached for Germany. The thing I'm noticing about France is that under Desham, they've never actually played Swashbuckling football like the team they're supposed like with the squad they have. They're supposed to be this attack minded team, right? They've been solid and they won the World Cup just by being solid defensively and doing the right things at the right time. But in the last couple of months, especially starting with the Euros, they're just not clicking. And I think a lot of blame goes to Descendants in the way he lines up the first eleven. The formations are all wrong. It's not too much studying on the opponent goes on by default, putting in a four three three formation, which does not work all the time. And against Ukraine, he could have easily gone with a four four two and attacked. Because you have that type of player, it's not like it's a B string squad. Everyone was available. You need to win these games. So I think, yeah, I don't know if it will happen before the World Cup, but his time is coming to an end and you know who is waiting in line? We don't know whether we'll see Zidane coaching France in the 2020, but yeah, things are looking not great for France. If this continues, then who knows? Desham could be out on his way. Other than that, Levandowski still continue to score goals and all the other biggies are winning. Netherlands are playing Turkey. I think today I have two major updates. Eden Hasta scored a goal,

Participant #1:
a dramatic 95 minutes goal to make Whales win the match. It was also his third goal. So amazing news for me as a Madrid fan. Hazard is looking great, by the way. I've never seen him this way, even including the Chelsea days, he had a great game. So Belgium and Wales, one. You were saying Netherlands, it's again become a Memphis Depayi show. Yes, they do. One one against Norway where Holland scored. And I think Memphis Depays the next game they won. In fact, if you guys didn't notice, Netherlands have started their new era or actually the return of Louis Van Hall. He has come out of his retirement to coach Netherlands. So the first game was a one one draw against Norway. The second game was a four nd win, a comfortable win. Now when we're talking about bizarre stuff, right, we're talking about bizarre Argentina, all this bizarre stuff. There's another bizarre stuff going on in Africa where the game against Morocco and guinea was suspended because there was a military coup in guinea. I mean, nothing to laugh about actually. It's something sad. So the Moroccan players were actually airlifted by the military and all of them are safe. I mean you have famous players like Ashafakimi who was outlifted, who's now safe, but Liverpool are trying to get Nabi Kit out of guinea. He's still stuck in guinea. They are not able to take him out of the country. So they are struggling on that front. So a lot of crazy stuff happening around and you have players who have to come back and quarantine. So for guys who are playing FPL, so please keep a note on Emmy Martinez Bundy and also if you have them in your team, so please remove them. They won't be playing for the next. I'm pretty sure this SPL is dominated by just one player as triple captain this weekend and he has the number seven. I think everyone probably has them so they don't care. Yeah, it's Cristiano Ronaldo, but it'll be interesting to see how Christian Ronaldo and Bruno Fernando are going to play. It hasn't been working for Portugal for a while now so it'll be interesting to see if Olay has a solution to get that work. It's very interesting to see the dynamics of the United fans right at the Stadium because so far Bruno Fernandez has been their savior. But Bruno Fernandez does not compare to the love and affection the man has. So if there comes a chance where they are not working together, we know who will have to take the fall. Yeah, hopefully, hopefully Oliver finds a solution and hopefully it's a template that Portugal can also use. All right guys, that's about it for episode number 30. As I said, this is a short and sweet episode as nothing much is happening other than the international football and the cricket. But yeah, even US Open is going on right now which will cover the next episode. In fact, round four has completed and if I remember correctly, there's been a couple of upsets since the past has gone and I think Berettini has gone. But other than that Joker which is still on, the career Grand Slam is still on. So hopefully we'll get to see more about that in our next episode. So until our next episode is it bye from Bala and buy from Issa. Guys, have a good week. Thank you everyone for listening. If you enjoyed what you heard, please make sure you hit the subscribe button. And also please like we are literally begging to rate our podcast on whichever app you are listening to. It not only helps us but also helps new listeners to find our podcast easily. You can also reach out to us on Twitter and Instagram at the rate sports Church a big shout out to the jam room audience for our theme music. You can follow the jam room on Facebook at the rate the jam Room audio bye.