Our Money Power

Update Your Relationship Status (with Money) with Jacquette Timmons

July 01, 2021 Kristin Hayden Season 1 Episode 4
Our Money Power
Update Your Relationship Status (with Money) with Jacquette Timmons
Show Notes

Let’s talk about your relationship status…

What comes to mind when you hear this? Married, single, divorced, dating, or “it’s complicated”?  Our culture — — through the movies - music - social media -everywhere we turn,  we’re bombarded with messages of finding true love, and then sustaining it.

But have you ever thought about your relationship status in regards to money? 

Is it a relationship that feels supportive and nurturing? Does it help you be your best self and live your dreams?

Or is it stressful? Does it bring up feelings of scarcity, never enough, overwhelm and heaviness?

How do we cultivate a healthy relationship to money? And how would paying attention and working to improve that money relationship change what shows up in our lives?

Today, I’m in conversation with Jacquette Timmons, whose specialty is helping folks recognize and understand the role that money is playing in our lives. Jacquette was one of the first people to take a relationship-based approach to finance, and her work explores the ways our personal histories, values, and beliefs can either support or get in the way of our financial empowerment.

If you think about any other relationship in your life that is of most importance and most significant, it is a relationship that is multi-layered, it is complex. It is nuanced and it is absolutely emotional. And all of those dynamics show up with money." - Jacquette Timmons