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Chathost Angell: A Comprehensive Guide to What Attracts Her to Men

May 26, 2022 Arousr Team
Chathost Angell: A Comprehensive Guide to What Attracts Her to Men
Arousr - Your Kinky Escape
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Arousr - Your Kinky Escape
Chathost Angell: A Comprehensive Guide to What Attracts Her to Men
May 26, 2022
Arousr Team

Today we sit down with our Chathost Angell about all the things that arouse her while using our platform to sext and cam with male members online. Is she a good girl or bad girl?

Find out what her tips are on how you can get laid in real life at the end of this interview!

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*Note: All Podcast stories are transcribed by A.I to protect the identities of those involved in those anonymous sessions

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Today we sit down with our Chathost Angell about all the things that arouse her while using our platform to sext and cam with male members online. Is she a good girl or bad girl?

Find out what her tips are on how you can get laid in real life at the end of this interview!

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FB: @arousr
Twitter: @arousr
TikTok: @kink_talk 

Google Arousr for more NSFW sex chat stories 😉

*Note: All Podcast stories are transcribed by A.I to protect the identities of those involved in those anonymous sessions

Intro: Are you Vanilla or Kink Curious? Then you will be right at home here on the “Discover Your Kinky Self” Podcast. Sponsored by

We give you expert Sex advice and opinions related to all things kink/fetish and beyond. From Sexologists to Sex Chat Hosts themselves, we have you covered when it comes to gaining a deeper understanding of what arouses you, from experienced adults.

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FF: Okay. So welcome to Arouser Angel, saying Hi to everybody. 

Angell: Hello

FF: How are you doing today? 

Angell: Everything's perfect. How are you? 

FF: Great. And where are you coming from to us at today in the World?

Angell:  I'm coming from Ukraine originally, but I live in Hungary. 

FF: Great! Let's get into some questions today about sex chat. You down? 

Angell: Yes. 

FF: Okay, question number one, how long have you been into camming or sex chat in general? When did you get started? How did you get started?

Angell: Well, basically, I started when it was pandemic, but after I decided to search on it on Instagram, on the Internet, and I found this Arousr and I found it kind of interesting because I can do what I like and earn money for it. Basically from December. 

FF: Okay. December is when you started on a Arousr. 

Angell: Yeah. 

FF: Cool. What would you say makes you specifically Angell, a unique chat host. What is it about you that sets you aside from your average lady online? 

Angell: Well, on Arousr, I'm not afraid of showing what my fantasy is, because on everyday life, I try to act normally, like kind of shy. And on Arousr, I bring my demons.

FF: Your kinky side your bad girl side comes out. 

Angell: Yeah, I'm very bad, actually. Yes, I do think so. But on Arousr, they see it.

FF:  In your personal life, you explore that in the day where you would say, people think of you as, like, a good girl?

Angell: Yeah, 

FF: Wait! I got a good one, Like an angel!

Angell: Yeah. Actually, my friends, they call me, they always say, Roxy, I know just one angel, and that is you. So that's why I picked this nickname angel, because all my friends call me like that. 

FF: But you have a devil side.

Angell: Of course. 

FF: Love this. You have duality girl. That's the best ever. Best thing ever is to be a little bit of both, right? 

Angell: Yes

FF: A little bit of all of the above

FF: Okay. How do you handle members on Arousr who are new to the kink scene or just extremely vanilla in general? How would you go around establishing a good connection and a good vibe with someone like that using the platform? 

Angell: Well, our conversation, which we start, I would like to make a person feel comfortable with me. And I just start with basic questions like, how are you, where are you from? What's your name? And they start to open up like, yeah, there are actually some people. I'm new here, and I don't know what to do. I don't know how it works. I'm like it's. Okay, let me show you how it is. So let's have a chat and maybe we can do video chat and talk if you just want to talk. Because on a Arousr, not everyone wants something more. So this is it. What I really like about it. Also, I meet a lot of friends here, and if they don't want to open, I open myself. First I talk about myself and then they catch it and open to me. This is mine. 

FF: Yeah. That's basically exactly how the platform works. You don't have to be kink to explore your sexuality and you can be vanilla. And that's perfectly acceptable. We just offer a lot more services than just vanilla or mainstream adult entertainment. What would you say basically, in your chat most experience, how many people are kink in vanilla, would you say on average? 

Angell: Well, I think mostly I talk about life on Arousr, and when I do video, it's the Kink side. So like 90% of people, they just want to talk.

FF: On the sexting

Angell: Yes

FF: And with video, you're finding that's more kinky? 

Angell: Yes. 

FF: Okay. You're doing more role play and things like that on video chat. 

Angell: Yes. 

FF: But when you're texting, you're mostly having deep conversations with people. Nothing related to kink. 

Angell: Sometimes I'm like a psychologist for them because they don't want to tell who are they? But they just want to share about something with some person. And after that, they say that, Thank you so much for listening to me, because I basically have no one to talk to. 

FF: Yeah. That's so sweet. That's sad. It's very sad, but it's sweet at the same time that there's a place

Angel:  I find it sounds sweet. 

FF: Yeah. That they can have a place to have that anonymous camaraderie with another human. Again, it's the one on one connection. It's the number one thing makes Arousr work is that one on one connection. 

Angell: And also what I think some men are not sure and feel insecure about their appearance. And they like to talk to some beautiful girls not showing themselves at first and getting know each other and after show themselves because they start trusting you. And sometimes I'm just surprised, like you are insecure, but you are so handsome.

FF: Really. 

Angell: So I think that this also Arousr helps men with this because they have the confidence.

FF:  It helps build their confidence in an anonymous way so they don't feel like they have to withhold. They can slowly get comfortable with themselves without any fear of public shame or scrutiny in a relationship with the real person. Awkwardness. Basically, 

Angell: That's true. That’s true.

FF: Okay, next question. What turns you on for you when you're chatting with a member? What are your turn on when chatting? It can be video, texting, phone, whatever happens when you're on the platform, however you use it. 

Angell: Well, when I do sexting, what turns me on is when a guy is telling me how beautiful I am and what he wants to do with me. So when I see that message from them, I'm like starting imagining it. And I can also play with myself by sexting with him. So this happens a lot of time, actually. But when we text, when we do the sexting, I like to imagine myself being tied up to be dominated. But if they want something else I'm down for everything. I always say I will do everything for you.

FF: Yeah. You personally are into. You have a praise kink, which we just wrote a blog about on the Arousr blog section. Praise kink is when you like to be adored. You really get off on that extra validation about your physical self. That's called a praise kink. And then you also like domination, obviously. 

Angell: Of course.

FF: So you're submissive. 

Angell: Yes. But switch. Yes. Depends on the person. 

FF: Yeah. You're open, so you can be switch

Angell:  Of course. 

FF: Next question. How kinky are you? So what are your favorite kinks to role play, as I mentioned before? 

Angell: Well, I'm sorry, I don't understand this question. 

FF: How kinky are you? Would you say, so can you go hardcore? Are you more softcore or somewhere in the middle with your kink play? Essentially, we can answer it that way. 

Angell: Well, if the person really turns me on, I can really be the kinkiest person ever because as I said, sometimes when we are sexting, I can also please myself and I'd like to share with it with that person. If he turns me on, I'd like to share about it. 

FF: See, you don't have a limit. You can go extreme, you can go hardcore or softcore, depending. 

Angell: Hardcore.

FF:  Hardcore. So you can get hardcore. 

Angell: Yes 

FF: You like to get hardcore. Okay, that's cool

Angell:  What advice, Angell, would you give to other chat hosts on how to better engage with the members of Arousr online? So if a host is having some issues, maybe she doesn't know how to start a conversation or how to get to that deeper level of a one on one connection? What advice would you give to someone like that? 

Angell: Well, for me, the first and the most important rule is just to be yourself. Don't pretend. Because if a person sees that you pretend and you're not being yourself, they will just leave. So imagine you yourself talking to that person in real life. What would you ask? How would you behave? This is the same just on Internet. So the first and the most important, as I mentioned, is just to be yourself. And this is my advice. Don't pretend.

FF: Perfect. Last question, Angell. What advice would you give male members on our platform of how to get laid? How should men in 2022 approach women in order to increase their chances of having a real life one on one connection, a positive one? 

Angell: Well, don't be too much for men, really. Some men don't know this limit. When you can catch any girl, what you want, you can get any girl. Just don't be too much and think what you say. This is probably my advice for men. 

FF: So you would say for men, looks aside, it's not about the looks. It's about their personality and how they come across with you being the hottest guy or Ab’s or muscles

Angell: No, for me, it doesn't matter what experience the man is having, for me, the most important is the personality and not the hottest guy has this charm. He can look just like an older guy but he is so charismatic that it attracts women. So don't focus on the way you look and don't blame anything or anybody. Just be yourself and show who you are. 

FF: What makes a guy charismatic to you?

FF: Self confidence and knowing what they are saying. For me, I don't even like to talk to people who are not sure about their words. I like when people when they say things, they really mean it and they're going to do it. So this is what I find charismatic in guys when they know what they do and when they know what they say. 

FF: Confidence, confidence. 

Angell: Yeah. Short, tall, medium. Doesn't matter. I've been with a lot of guys. The short, tall doesn't matter. Beautiful. Not really pretty, but any kind of just single. 

FF: It's hard out there, girl. It's hard. It's not easy. It's not easy. 

Angell: That's why I'm saying that sometimes guys don't know this limit. 

FF: They go overboard, they go over the limit and they get overly insecure or overly confident where it's fake and it's a show. So that's a turn off. 

Angell: I mean, this is the same like there is no guy who's going to look at the girl with not confident in herself. Right? The same for women. We don't look at the men who look pretty but not confident the way they talk, the way they present themselves. That matters. Actually. That matters.

FF: Well, save that for the dirty Roulette. Save that for roulette hour. That was cute. I'm sure our members appreciated it. Angell. Thank you for that. Well, thank you so much, Angell. I guess tell everyone goodbye. 

Angell: Okay. Goodbye. See you soon. 

FF: Yes. Thanks for chatting with us today. 

Angell: Thank you!


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