The Julie Parker Practice Success Podcast

A conversation with Linda Miles and Nancy Crossin.

November 29, 2021 Season 1 Episode 37
The Julie Parker Practice Success Podcast
A conversation with Linda Miles and Nancy Crossin.
Show Notes

What a thrill this episode was for me to record. Two such legends in the dental practice management space.

In this episode, Linda Miles and Nancy Crossin join me for an insightful and fun conversation about practice management, teams and leadership. Linda and Nancy also share detail for an exciting opportunity for dental practice owners, Practice Managers and Dental Practice Consultants. Be sure to listen in and use the links below to access the enormous benefits that DIY Dental Consulting has to offer.

DIY Digital Dental Consulting:

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Linda Miles, CSP, CMC, is the founder of Linda Miles and Associates, an INC 500 dental management consulting company. She has authored four books and mentored many dental practice consultants. Linda is well-known in Australia thanks to her very popular tours down under, presenting to dental teams as to best achieve success in their practices. 

Nancy Crossin is a speaker, coach and author in dental practice management. She has over three decades of industry experience and has a long history of working with dentists and their teams, helping them reach their next level of success.

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