Music Stories with Tony Lloyd

Episode 52 - Rick Buckler - The Jam

January 03, 2023 Tony Lloyd
Music Stories with Tony Lloyd
Episode 52 - Rick Buckler - The Jam
Show Notes

Rick set up The Jam with Paul Weller in 1972 while they were still at school and was their drummer. He tells me about some of the history of The Jam, how it all ended in 1982, and much more.
Remember their hits - Eton Rifles, When You're Young, A Town Called Malice, Absolute Beginners and That's Entertainment to name a few.

Rick has some fantastic stories from the band's time, how Decca Records rejected them, how music technology has changed, and I ask him of his opinion of Paul Weller. He has some great advice to people starting out in the music business too.

His new book 'The Jam 1982' has loads of 'not seen before' backstage photos of the band and their gigs. A fascinating read and surely a music lover's collectors item!

'The Jam 1982' is available on Amazon, and at

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