A Touch of Costa Rica
Pioneering Innovation in Massage
Pioneering Innovation in Massage 35:40 My Global Journey for Specialized Training 27:35 Bartering My Way to a Multimillion-Dollar Brand 37:42 Forging My Own Path to Play 29:10 Returning to a Familiar Place for a Powerful Release 25:50 Curiosity & Service: Creating A Massage Therapist’s Guide to Pathology 42:04 Reconnecting to My Caregiver DNA 36:05 Dancing with the Structure and Energy of Zero Balancing 18:56 Dreaming the Blueprint for Manual Therapists 19:18 Advocating for Inclusive Massage Research 34:14 Stepping Into a New Role 15:32 First Impressions Create Lasting Impressions 14:26 From Learning the Business to Being in Business 14:02 The Reward of Achieving Your Goals 19:19 Educating Others on the Massage Business 21:42 Following the Body, Mind and Spirit 34:31 Following Your Childhood Desire to Help Others 26:10 Meet 3 Powerful Changemakers in Samara 16:26 Massage is a Springboard for Your Specialty 14:36 Learning a Second Language to Bridge Cultural Gaps 22:56 Fueling Your Passion for Lifelong Learning 13:58 Birthing a Massage Career as a Single Mom 38:22 Going Beyond the Spine 32:56 A Guide for Your Longevity 13:21 We've Been In Your Shoes 18:56