July 25, 2023 Earl Thomas "The VOICE" Season 3 Episode 16
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Show Notes

My recent travel experience to the USA for the Blue Jays & M's...We started planning in January...  Kelly has good experience going .. M’s game in Seattle.

The most difficult part of prep was getting ready to be at Pacific Station in downtown Vancouver ...  at 5:35 AM & because of my good friend Ben giving a lift I made it with time to spare.

Customs at Pacific Station was smooth...The Amtrak...positive experience. ... We arrived in plenty of time for the game at 1 PM at T-mobile park...

Gausman was pitching an excellent game ...6 innings with 9 strikeouts & no walks. But in the 3rd... & Vlady JR is my fav Jay. I was hoping he would hit a HR ...Jays were up 7-4 in the 7th & in the bottom of the 7th the jay’s bull pen let them down... Pearson hit a batter  on his first pitch. ... it was 9-7 for the M’s after 7.  The Jays ...Kirk had a great day with 4 singles & got one on the 9th. The drama was building in the 9th...FINAL score m’s9- Jays 8. It was close all the way...

The toughest part of the trip was after the game...Kelly booked a yellow cab...Then we saw the cab coming our way & we both had our arms up hailing it. We saw the # on the cab & yes...The train was delayed  15 minutes. When i looked at my watch i thought it stopped 7:08 pm We left Seattle at 7:16 PM... Vancouver at 11:30 PM. They make an announcement & open the doors.. .What a relief  to get on skytrain yet another longer wait  because of the fireworks.

Kelly was aware of my difficulty walking & very helpful & caring suggesting to have a stop as there were seats. Kelly was amazing as he knows his way around Seattle though frustrated & it was so hot must been 90 degrees Fahrenheit. There were large crowds for the Taylor Swift concert that we made our way through & mostly beautiful young women dressed to party with Taylor Swift.

The good experience was possible because of great preparation, Ben’s lift as no public transport was available so early in the AM & Kelly’s awesome direction & experience .

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