Earl's On-Air Interview with Boxing Manager Peter Holt at Giant FM PENTICTON

July 26, 2023 Earl Thomas "The VOICE" Season 3 Episode 17
Earl's On-Air Interview with Boxing Manager Peter Holt at Giant FM PENTICTON
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Show Notes

Welcome to VOICE POWER Season 3 EP17. This week you will hear a blast from the past. An on air radio interview during my days at Giant FM in Penticton BC. Along with 2 radio commercials I voiced & produced at The Giant. I began there as the over night announcer back in late August 2000.

One day i was informed by the station manager that Robin Pinto Penticton’s female boxer, her Manager Peter Holt would be calling. Robin would be on the boxing card in Laughlin Nevada & I would interview Peter Holt live on-air that day. Later the interview would air via the news department’s Dennis Walker from my interview & production.

My love of interviewing began when I was at BCIT. In the 2nd year of the BCIT program BROADCAST Communications with The Radio Option. The students took over the radio station CFML & worked all positions. One was Making Contact a 1 hr interview show with 2 - 30 minute segments.

This interview with Peter Holt was enjoyable & my first professional interview.    My love for interviewing grew with BCIT & The GIANT FM INTERVIEW.

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