August 29, 2023 Earl Thomas "The VOICE" Season 3 Episode 19
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Show Notes

Discovering that building a successful business is all about building positive relationships. Recently experienced... Always everything works for the best & I am reminded of my wonderful friend who left me with his last words when he passed on. Joseph said on my last visit “Earl everything will all work out & be ok.” When life gets super challenging I recall his wonderful friendship & the great gift he left in his parting words.

What is more important is my family & friends.  One friend this October we will celebrate 46 years ... I am very blessed to have  good connections with family & so many friends &  some long time & some new.

Ben is a new friend who is a business colleague i know from the Connect & Collaborate ... to be his guest several times on his sports podcast Golden V Podcast. Loved talking about lacrosse including the NLL & the WLA. Rachel...Her positive energy is very inspiring in person & at Connect & Collaborate. Kendra is also...Marshall the leader & facilitator of the group is also a trusted friend who inspires my life & business.
Success will arrive & it will arrive because of knowing & connecting with the right influential, positive & supportive people.

 Connections of quality. Two of my favourites are Connect & Collaborate & Podcast Alliance Made Simple. There are more wonderful friends at Podcast Alliance heading the group of course Carl Richards including Diana ... Carl is sooooo very helpful with getting VOICE POWER started with my many questions & his willingness to go deeper in solving my concerns,

Last week the leader of the group Marshall Stern gave those in the Inner Circle a 5 day challenge. It is the BOLD CHALLENGE. All we  needed  to do is...

Though I am a solopreneur I am definetly not flying solo. I am happy to have introduced you to many wonderful friendships ... One of my loyal listeners John in Kamloops BC. I have known him since i was 5 years old growing up on the first block of Kennedy St in Nanaimo BC. What wonderful memories we have of playing hockey & lacrosse & so much more.

More interviews will be coming as last week I actioned a pre interview with a future guest, a Paranormal Researcher/Investigator.

My Offer to you,  25%  off my regular recording fee. Include all your voice production details: finalized script, voice style- narration, high energy, middle or lower energy,     any pauses, word emphasis, & production due date.  In the personalized quote I will include FREE a very brief segment of the script voiced. Then you will hear that I am the right fit for your voice project.  Once your project is completed to your 100% satisfaction I will include  FREE a Linkedin post to help you gain greater public exposure. My connections on Linkedin are now at 1,000+ & 1,000+ Followers.
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