TALENTED RAY -- Paranormal Researcher, Actor, Writer, Musician, Public Speaker, & Vocalist

September 05, 2023 Earl Thomas "The VOICE" Season 3 Episode 20
TALENTED RAY -- Paranormal Researcher, Actor, Writer, Musician, Public Speaker, & Vocalist
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A multi talented guest: actor, musician, vocalist, public speaker, and Paranormal Researcher of the Afterlife.
Ray is Founder of Helter Spectre Afterlife & Investigations.
Ray is dedicated and is VERY qualified to speak on the subject. He opens broader thought and thinking about the Afterlife/Paranormal.
Time was valuably  spent in the Arts at a secondary “FAME” school and later working in the entertainment field. He is very comfortable on stage & on camera.  Those past experiences have afforded Ray the ability to speak about his passion for the paranormal in a comfortable way and share his message.

Exciting news came his way recently that Ray is nominated by the 2022/23 board of directors of Vagabond Players for the Bernie Legge Platinum Artist of the Year Award!!! Ray is also a member of JUST PROS Toastmasters & a very engaging & qualified public speaker.  It is with great anticipation & pleasure I welcome Ray BOULAY to VOICE POWER.

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