The JOY of ACCENTS with Dr. David Alan Stern

October 09, 2023 Earl Thomas "The VOICE" Season 3 Episode 22
The JOY of ACCENTS with Dr. David Alan Stern
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Show Notes

This will be the first episode with a special edition for my monthly subscribers. We will find out more near the close of the interview. Today the first dialect & accent coach who teaches Hollywood stars & voice actors. In Season 3 on my 60th all-time episode my voice-over topic was AMAZING ACCENTS STRETCHING MY VOICE CAPABILITY!!!

 Dr. David Alan Stern is my very Special guest today one of North America’s foremost accent & dialect coaches for over 40 years—training primarily actors, but also working with broadcasters and business & professional speakers. For 12 years David was a freelance accent coach in Hollywood, but he was also a professor at three colleges, including 25 years at his alma mater, the University of Connecticut.

In 1979 he published the first edition of the 24 volume audio series, ACTING with an ACCENT, which began a paradigm change in accent teaching.  Among the hundreds,  David helped train for stage, TV, and film roles are Geena Davis, Olympia Dukakis, Sally Field, Terrence Mann, ...Since retiring from the university, David continues coaching productions, teaching via Zoom, and creating new training materials.

David is truly an expert in his field of accent & dialect coaching.  I am so grateful to be enriched in my life & career by meeting & conversing with Dr. David Alan Stern. It is with great pleasure & anticipation I welcome Dr. David Alan Stern.
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