Bryan McIntosh Financial Expert & Team Leader of PROSPERA Credit Union

December 27, 2023 Earl Thomas "The VOICE" Season 4 Episode 1
Bryan McIntosh Financial Expert & Team Leader of PROSPERA Credit Union
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Show Notes

Bryan McIntosh the Director of Local Business & Leasing with 15 plus years experience at Prospera Credit Union. His responsibilities are: Director, Local Business and Leasing in BC & Across Canada. Bryan’s background is extensive in financial services, including holding a Certified Financial Planning Designation, Accredited Business Lender Certification with Honours, Canadian Securities Certificates and a multitude of other licenses and diplomas.

Bryan’s experience as a Red Seal Plumber, Business Owner, Real Estate Investor, and a Lifelong Learner of all things Finance…shines through as he’s passionate about inspiring people to conquer their fear and create profit with purpose and a fulfilled life. He is a strong sales professional and experienced manager. Bryan leads his team with a clear vision and defined values, building lasting relationships with clients and members. Supporting them as they reach their full potential and achieve their unique goals.

 Bryan gave an excellent & practical presentation last October at Small Business BC’s networking event at The Anvil Centre in NEW Westminster BC. As I listened  he touched all.....Audience members would be able to put into practice right away in connecting with other business owners. It was obvious Bryan networks & connects with others in a positive way. After the event it was a pleasure to meet Bryan & enjoy his presence as a wonderful human being that deeply cares for business owners & their success. In subsequent conversations he displayed an eagerness to share his experience here at VOICE POWER. Since knowing Bryan i find him approachable & easy to talk to & willing to share his expertise. It is with great pleasure, anticipation, & excitement I welcome BRYAN McIntosh to VOICE POWER.

Contact Info Bryan’s Profile  Email for Bryan's FREE Offer  bryan.mcintosh@prospera.ca

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