Daisy Camp Podcast

009: What to know about Cash Flow

September 28, 2021 Daisy Camp
Daisy Camp Podcast
009: What to know about Cash Flow
Show Notes

In today's episode Angela Heart, family attorney, breaks down the topic of cash flow during and after a divorce. When going from one household into two, how do you divide expenses? What do you need to think about? In this episode we talk about child support and spousal maintenance and how these numbers are often arrived at.

Angela Heart is the founder of Heart Law, LLC.  In her 24+ years of practice, she has previously worked as General Counsel in the real estate industry, developing and managing multifamily and commercial real estate buildings. She has significant background in corporate business, low income housing tax credits, fair housing and landlord/tenant law. 

When she transitioned into her own practice, she is took her mediation training skills combined with her sound business background as a basis to help people get through a very difficult time in their lives – divorce.  Her expanded practice includes collaborative divorce, family law, mediation and estate planning.  

Her mission is to create a practice that will enable and empower people to have a smooth transition that is family focused during a life changing event.  The number one goal being to put families first.


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