#3.13: Mark is a 3D printer (EN)

September 03, 2019 Season 3 Episode 13
#3.13: Mark is a 3D printer (EN)
#3.13: Mark is a 3D printer (EN)
Sep 03, 2019 Season 3 Episode 13
Mark Lyng, Flemming D. Nielsen - Staal SDU Studenterradio
Show Notes

Achieving your dreams is no easy feat. That's why you gotta listen to Dumbfounded! Both Mark and Flemming have achieved their dreams in each their own fashion.
Flemming's invested in a piece of equipment that makes his life easier, more economical, and more fun! He has now become a bit of an expert in the world of 3D-printing, which is exactly everything he's ever aspired to.
Mark's a 3D-printer every morning after coffee.

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