#2.09: Gumskin

January 07, 2019 Season 2 Episode 9
#2.09: Gumskin
#2.09: Gumskin
Jan 07, 2019 Season 2 Episode 9
Mark Lyng, Flemming D. Nielsen, Robin Nilsson
Show Notes

Our very first english episode. We do hope you enjoy our lovely scandinavian accents.
We call our new english counterpart Dumbfounded, but it's still the good old Chopping Board you know and love.
Today's episode is about sheep shearing stars from Australia, beautifully told by Flemming. Parodontitis and its not so clear connection to heart disease and obesity, masterfully read by Robin. And finally, an age-old dilemma. Fresh or frozen vegetables? Which to buy? Mark has the answer.
We are also visited by our newest member of the team. Take a listen.

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Li et al. (2017) Selected nutrient analyses of fresh, fresh-stored, and frozen fruits and
vegetables - Journal of Food Composition and Analysis

Harvey et al. (2002) An analysis of the forces required to drag sheep over various surfaces.

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