#2.17: Hamster gladiators

March 05, 2019 Season 2 Episode 17
#2.17: Hamster gladiators
#2.17: Hamster gladiators
Mar 05, 2019 Season 2 Episode 17
Mark Lyng, Flemming D. Nielsen, Robin Nilsson - Staal SDU studenterradio
Show Notes

It's not easy being the loser of a fight. Especially not if you're a hamster.
This week Flemming is gonna tell us about hamsters and how they lose a fight. Robin's found a paper about a snake finding a snake. A new snake! With a hemipenis!
And Mark is bringing a classic to the table. The physics of penguin pooping!

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Trillo and Johnston (2011) Effect of losing a fight on later agonistic behavior toward unfamiliar conspecifics in male Syrian hamsters

Campbell, Smith, and Hall (2018) Caudals and Calyces: The Curious Case of a Consumed Chiapan Colubroid 

Meyer-Rochow and Gal (2003) Pressures produced when penguins pooh—calculations on avian defaecation

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