#2.19: Coffee Spills

March 19, 2019 Season 2 Episode 19
#2.19: Coffee Spills
#2.19: Coffee Spills
Mar 19, 2019 Season 2 Episode 19
Mark Lyng, Flemming D. Nielsen, Robin Nilsson - Staal SDU studenterradio
Show Notes

We're screw-ups! Sorry! Apparently, Robin's paper had already been presented and we didn't know... Womp womp.
But then again, Mark is ready with another real useful life hack and this week, you'll learn how to not spill your coffee ever again. Also, Flemming has figured out that elderly Chinese ladies are able to postpone their deaths until after the Harvest Moon festival. But then they do die.

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Jiwon Han (2016) - A Study on the Coffee Spilling Phenomena in the Low Impulse Regime

Philips and Smith (1990) - Postponement of Death Until Symbolically Meaningful Occasions

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