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Voice it - Sassy Lass

February 14, 2022 Annabelle Homer Season 2 Episode 6
Voice it
Voice it - Sassy Lass
Show Notes

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to start your own clothing business, listen to this episode.

 Bronwyn Campbell started Sassy Lass 5 years ago in Riverton, a small town in SA's mid north.

It was originally just an excuse to sell a few clothes and drink bubbles with her friends, never did she expect such growth and success in that time.

 You'll hear about Bron’s life before Sassy Lass, being a mother to a daughter with Down Syndrome, how she ended up in Riverton and the challenges of running a retail store during COVID.

She’s a breath a fresh air  who brings a lot to the town of Riverton and surrounding areas with her support for people in need and her contributions to charities.

Enjoy the journey with this Sassy Lass.

Sassy Lass: https://www.sassylass.com.au/
Voice it : https://voiceit.me
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My name is Annabelle Homer, I'm formerly a ABC rural broadcaster now the owner of Voice it, a small business I started a year specialising in podcast production, audio family memoirs and public speaking training.