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Voice it - Tim Siv Part 2

March 08, 2022 Annabelle Homer Season 2 Episode 8
Voice it
Voice it - Tim Siv Part 2
Show Notes

"It's better to try and fail, than to fail not trying".

In the first instalment you heard about Tim’s family's mission to escape the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia,   their trek through the jungles of Cambodia to the Thai Border and the horrors that they faced during that 2 year experience.

Then you followed their life in Australia and the challenges they faced surrounding poverty, racism, and bullying.  Life took a different turn, however, when they received support from their local church who lobbied on their behalf to be given a better education and attend a better schools.
This chance saw Tim and all his siblings climb their way  out of poverty and experience a better life. 

In this episode, you’ll hear how Tim embarked on a career in Pharmacy and how he’s built his pharmaceutical empire across the mid north and what drives him to keep growing the business. Also, we get an insight into his personal life and meeting his partner Megs and then we head back to Cambodia where Tim, has for the past 12 years, been giving back to the country that was torn to bits all those years ago through his work with New Hope Cambodia.

Enjoy the second part of this journey with Tim Siv.

New Hope Cambodia: https://newhopecambodia.com/
Tim Siv's Terry White Chemmart, Clare Valley: https://www.facebook.com/clarechemmart/

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