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Voice it - Eddie McArdle

January 23, 2023 Annabelle Homer Season 3 Episode 22
Voice it
Voice it - Eddie McArdle
Show Notes

Today you’ll meet Edward McArdle– everyone knows him as Eddie. 

Eddie is the man behind the early beginnings of Agfert, one of the state’s successful fertiliser distribution and trucking companies.  

Eddie talks of his humble beginnings at Avon, a small town in the lower north, his desire to quit school and start working for his father at 16 years old.  This desire and determination led him to build up his father’s business at Avon where he sold and delivered bagged bulk fertiliser. He then moved to Balaklava and expanded to a 400 tonne capacity storage facility, importing fertiliser and expanding his transport fleet to travel interstate. The company now boasts a storage capacity of 40,000 tonnes with a blending plant and two out loading facilities.

 Like most success businesses, it doesn’t come without some serious challenges.  Along the way, Eddie faced serious financial trouble where  a significant amount of money was lost, which forced him to sell much of the business’s assets to stay afloat and literally start again.

Also, he reflects on losing his youngest son, Matt, in truck roll over near Clare in 2016, at the age of 24.

 Today, Eddie runs McArdle Pty Ltd focusing on transport and cement mixing and has handed over reins of Agfert to his daughter Meghan and her husband Grant.

Eddie has had 51 years in business, he has nine trucks and five cement trucks and at the age of 67, there’s no signs of retirement.

 Despite the lawn mower, the whipper snipper and phone call interruptions, enjoy this episode  with Eddie McArdle.

McArdle Pty Ltd - https://mcardlepl.com.au/
Agfert- https://www.agfert.com.au/
Voice it - https://voiceit.me/