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Voice it - Steve Marcus, the Outback Film Caterer

April 06, 2023 Annabelle Homer Season 3 Episode 25
Voice it
Voice it - Steve Marcus, the Outback Film Caterer
Show Notes

Today, you'll hear about the life of an Outback Film Caterer.

Steve Marcus is the man behind Marcus Film Catering.  He’s been preparing meals from outback locations for 32  years. He’s traveled in is catering bus to remote locations such as Broken Hill, Coober Pedy, Kalgoorlie, you name it, he’s been there. He also catered on the 4 outback cattle drives.

He’s rubbed shoulders with big movies stars, Australian A listers and cooked private dinners for Hollywood directors.  The stories Steve shares of his outback adventures and the people he's  met along the way are pretty amazing.  Who gets to go on a morning stroll with Mick Jagger? Steve does!

Steve is from Adelaide, he grew up in Unley Park, one of six kids.  His outback adventures began after school when he tried his hand at jackarooing near Broken Hill,  followed by a brief stint on Kangaroo Island which is where the hospitality seed was planted. He then opened his own restaurant in Broken Hill which is where the film catering career began. It's a journey, and an inspiring one.

Now retired in Clare, he's handed the tongs and bus over to his daughter Rachael.

Enjoy this unique career story!

Check out this clip of Steve in action on the bus!

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