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Voice it - George Seppelt: Australia's youngest Chief Flying Instructor

June 05, 2023 Annabelle Homer Season 3 Episode 26
Voice it
Voice it - George Seppelt: Australia's youngest Chief Flying Instructor
Show Notes

Today you’ll get to meet the youngest Chief Flying Instructor in Australia.

George Seppelt.  

Well one of the youngest,  another bloke is about to cut his lunch apparently!

At the prime age of 15, before he could even drive independently, he had his restricted pilot’s licence. 

By the time he was 22, he was a fully-fledged flying instructor in the mid north of South Australia.

George always had a goal of getting his commercial pilot’s licence and being a Flying Doctor, but he’s had a few speed bumps and obstacles along the way.

You’ll hear about a chance encounter with the current Australia aerobatic champion who ignited is flying passion; George’s health scare that literally grounded him for 8 months – the toughest 8 months of his life and how his flying mentor became paralysed after crashing his plane but amazingly learnt to walk again. 

His big love these days is electric aeroplanes and being one of 12 people in Australia that knows how to fly on. This guy keeps on kicking goals and I’m excited to see what he does next.

Enjoy this inspirational journey with George.


Since this recording George has resigned from Spencer Gulf Flight Training in Port Pirie, and also instructing at the Clare Valley Aerodrome.

Good luck in what the future may hold for you George. I have a feeling, you’ll continue to make your mark in the world of aviation. 

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I’ll catch you next time for another Voice it episode.