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Voice it - Marnie Roberts

June 14, 2021 Annabelle Homer Season 1 Episode 3
Voice it
Voice it - Marnie Roberts
Show Notes

 I'd like to introduce you to the funniest person I have ever met. A big statement I know, but truly I laugh so hard my chest hurts  every time I chat to this woman. 

Marnie Roberts is a owner/winemaker at Matriarch and Rogue in the Clare Valley in South Australia.  As well as her quick wit and dry sense of humour, she makes beautiful wine, carving quite a following in wine circles and beyond.

She is originally from Mildura, growing up on a block with her parents and older brother Tony where they grew citrus, dried fruit and wine grapes. She felt like a workhorse in her youth and didn't particularly enjoy 'block life', and little did she know she would be as ‘busy as a termite in a sawmill’ running her own successful wine enterprise 30 years later. She moved to South Australia and set up stumps in the Clare Valley back in 2008.  Six years later, she established her own label , Matriarch and Rogue, inspired by her dear old Nanna.

 Marnie describes herself as a floater, with no solid plan and not overly ambitious, but what she lacks in planning she makes up for in drive, determination and basically being a 'lucky bastard'.
I sat down with Marnie in her shed on a cold wintry day with the rain pounding on the roof, sharing a Subway salad and a bottle of her finest red.


To order any of Marnie's delicious wines go to: https://matriarchandrogue.com.au/

Check out Sideways - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGP8PwCpxLk

I am a former ABC radio broadcaster and journalist based in the Clare Valley.  I have recently started a small business called Voice it.  I am essentially a Voice Coach, teaching public speaking skills to adults and children. I also run a drama school, MC and this podcast is newly launched as a complement to the business. I love interviewing and hearing people’s stories.
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