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Voice it - Alison 'Chook' Meaney

August 22, 2021 Season 1 Episode 8
Voice it
Voice it - Alison 'Chook' Meaney
Show Notes

Meet the lady behind Bukirk Glamping.

Alison 'Chook' Meaney wanted to create a new tourism experience to draw people to the Clare Valley. 

She thought if people were glamping in England, they'll glamp in Clare surely?!!!

She was right! She's been run off her feet since she started the fancy tent project back in 2018. 

Before running her own glamping project, Chook  lived a nomadic life, first travelling the world,  then living the FIFO life in remote Australia. 

In this podcast, she reflects on her life growing up in Horsham,  Victoria, where her dad trained race horses, to her days living on Barrow Island off the coast of Western Australia.

You will find out why she's called 'Chook' and why her business is called Bukirk!! Big hint...it's all related!!!!

Chook is hard working and a seriously entertaining lady! She tells some absolute cracker stories  about some of her guests,  the challenges associated with running a glamping operation, and the joy she feels when she reads all the glowing reviews. 

Bukirk Glamping: https://bukirk.com.au/

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