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Voice it - Will Gwynn Jones

September 06, 2021 Annabelle Homer Season 1 Episode 9
Voice it
Voice it - Will Gwynn Jones
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"Agriculture is becoming Australia's darling again".

That's the view of this week's guest, Will Gywnn Jones,  owner of Remarkable Meat Company, a meat wholesaling business based in the Clare Valley, South Australia.

With many sectors across Australia struggling to survive in a COVID environment, agriculture is one industry that's holding strong. Will has great hopes for the future of agriculture and the growth of corporate farming in this country.

Will would know, as he's been involved in the industry for 25 years.

From jackarooing on sheep stations in SW Queensland, working for the highly regarded Collinsville Sheep stud in SA's mid north, managing Managed Investment Schemes in western Victoria to introducing Dorper's  to SA's mid north, Will has pretty much covered all the bases.

After working for other people all his career, he's now running his own show, selling buffalo, camel, beef and lamb to the retailers and wholesalers across Australia and at times dabbling in the the live trade.

Will's story is quite a journey! 
Enjoy !

Remarkable Meat Company - https://www.remarkablemeat.com.au/
Collinsville Stud Merinos - https://www.collinsville.com.au
Dorper Sheep - https://www.dorper.com.au
Managed Investment Schemes - https://www.papers.ssrn.com

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