Voice it

Voice it - Colin McBryde

October 30, 2021 Annabelle Homer Season 2 Episode 1
Voice it
Voice it - Colin McBryde
Show Notes

Today you’ll meet a very quick witted, heavily tattooed Kiwi who dabbles in wine. 

His name is Colin McBryde.  

He and his wife Jen Gardner run a small wine company called Adelina Wines, located in close proximity to the very well established Wendouree Wines, in the beautiful Clare Valley.

There are numerous reasons why I wanted to meet Colin. Firstly I haven’t heard much about Adelina, and secondly,I love the sound of his other label “Some Young Punks”. 

Are you intrigued?

I sat down with Colin in his winery one chilly Monday morning,  and to be honest I caught him on the back foot because he forgot I was coming, but I was determined to stay and get his story.  

He’s an entertaining bloke, very humble as you’ll hear, and obviously very good at what he does.

Enjoy Col's story!

Adelina Wines - https://adelina.com.au/ 
Check out this article : https://www.australianwine.com/en-AU/our-makers/colin-mcbryde
Some Young Punks - https://www.someyoungpunks.com.au/

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