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Voice it - Abby McKee

December 21, 2021 Annabelle Homer Season 2 Episode 4
Voice it
Voice it - Abby McKee
Show Notes

Welcome Abby McKee to the Voice it Podcast.

By day Abby works in a bank, by night she's in her dungeon arranging beautiful flower arrangements for her next event.

Abby is the face behind Magnolia and Co. She started the business 3 years ago and very quickly became one of the most sort after florists and event stylist's in the Clare Valley.

Abby grew up on a horse stud near Scone in New South Wales and made her way to the Clare Valley after she met her husband, Angus at Charles Sturt University in Wagga.

Abby was unsure what she wanted to do in life but knew she had a creative side. Her knack for flower arranging was discovered by accident when she was flung into the role at her brother's wedding.

I love Abby's honest approach to taking risks in business, the importance she places on friendships and family and how those relationships gave her the confidence to plunge into the world of small business.

Abby wants to take Magnolia and Co beyond just flowers and delve into the world of landscape and home design.

Enjoy the journey with Abby McKee.

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