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Voice it - Andrew Manuel

January 17, 2022 Annabelle Homer Season 2 Episode 5
Voice it
Voice it - Andrew Manuel
Show Notes

It's time to get an insight into the newspaper game! 

In this episode you’ll meet Andrew Manuel,  the owner of the Plains Producer. 

Once a local rag, now a major regional newspaper.

Though he didn’t start this family newspaper business, he can take a lot of the credit for growing and transforming it.  Since taking over the reigns  in 2008 he now owns a large slab of the regional newspaper network in regional South Australia. 

Apart from owning the Plains Producer in Balaklava,  he’s now the managing director of Papers and Publications which includes the Eyre Peninsula Advocate,  Two Wells and Districts Echo and part owner of The Border Watch...and he’s got no plans of slowing down.

This is such a good news story, as so many regional papers across the country have closed down or struggling to stay afloat.

Enjoy the journey with Andrew Manuel. 

Plains Producer: https://www.plainsproducer.com.au/
Two Wells and Districts Echo: https://www.twowellsecho.com.au/
Eyre Peninsula Advocate: https://www.epadvocate.com.au/
The Border Watch: https://borderwatch.com.au/

Voice it: https://voiceit/me