Business Owner Breakthrough Podcast

Your Perfect Sales Pitch with Keith Rozelle

June 14, 2022 Pete Mohr Season 3 Episode 25
Business Owner Breakthrough Podcast
Your Perfect Sales Pitch with Keith Rozelle
Show Notes

In this episode, Peter Mohr talks with Keith Rozelle, the creator of Sales Marvel and an expert in modern selling techniques that work. Keith knows how to create the perfect sales pitch that resonates with your prospect — and this can help overcome the stigma and difficulty of making sales. As Pete and Keith discuss, it's all about the benefits you offer your potential customer. When you lead with that, your product or service can essentially sell itself! Tune in with Pete and Keith as they share tips and tricks for making selling easier and more meaningful for your ideal customers. 

Ideas in this episode include:

Perfect sales pitch

Sales transformation

Selling tips

Target market

Call to action

Benefits not features

Sales enablement

Sales training

Audience-based selling

Bullet Points

0:50 A perfect sales pitch in a time of consumer skepticism

2:20 Sales as a solution for your target audience's problem

5:45 Why benefits matter more than features

8:08 Demonstrating benefits with case studies

9:50 Translating benefits into your prospect's language

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