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Law 6 - Embrace Technology

May 16, 2023 Pete Mohr Season 1 Episode 19
Business Owner Breakthrough Podcast
Law 6 - Embrace Technology
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In this episode, Pete Mohr talks about the importance of embracing technology to move from being an operator to an owner. 

Although many business owners find technology frustrating, it is important to understand the benefits it can provide to your business. 

Embracing technology can streamline your operation, automate repetitive tasks, and provide valuable insights into your business's performance. By embracing digital transformation, you can fundamentally change how you operate and deliver value to your customers.

Pete shares some examples of how technology has revolutionized businesses in recent months and encourages listeners to stay on the leading edge of what technology can do for their particular industry.

Here are a few things Pete covers:

  • The importance of understanding the benefits of technology for your business
  • How to streamline your operation and automate repetitive tasks
  • How to incorporate data into your decision making
  • How embracing digital transformation can enhance customer experiences
  • The benefits of automating repetitive tasks and freeing up valuable time

It's time to take action:

After listening to this episode, take the time to evaluate your current use of technology in your business. Are there areas where you can streamline your operation or automate repetitive tasks? Consider investing in new tools or software that can help you achieve your business goals.

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Pete Mohr:

Welcome to the 10 laws for moving from operator to owner series here on the business owner breakthrough podcast I'm excited about this series, we're going to explore the key principles for transitioning from operator to an owner mindset in your business. Each episode will focus on one of the 10 laws and provide practical tips and insights to help you apply these principles in your business. If you'd like a downloadable PDF for the 10 laws, slide on over to simplifying forward slash laws to download your copy. By following these 10 laws, you'll be able to move beyond the day to day operations of your business and focus on the long term growth and success. Whether you're a solopreneur or leading a team, this series will provide the tools and insights to transition from operator owner and take your business to the next level. So join me on this journey of growth and transformation. If you'd like to chat with me about how I can help you get started on this journey, simply go to speak to That's speak to and book in a chat to see if we're a great fit. Now let's get started. Law number six of the 10 laws of moving from operator to owner is to embrace technology. This is an interesting one because so many business owners that I talked to basically will tell me you know, I'm just not a lover of technology. And I have to admit that over the years, I haven't really been either. And in fact, I get frustrated with technology. I'm for those of you who have seen me, I don't have much hair on top of my head. And I could say I've pulled all my hair out over technology. But I can tell you something that I love about technology. And that's the outcome. I love the way that some of these things can make my life easier. And I will push through the technology side of things in order to get the outcome that the different apps and the different things will deliver. And I think from a leadership perspective, if you don't want to learn how to use the apps, and if you don't want to learn how to use the technology, just because it's not in your wheelhouse or it's just not of your interest. Don't let that take you away from learning what it can do for you do for your team do for your customers, and most of all do for your business. Because there are such huge improvements in technology every day that you need to be on the leading edge of what technology can do for your particular industry. It's revolutionised things that we do in our business, just think about how chat GPT has revolutionised things over the last few months since it was instituted back about four or five months ago, and incredible change and all of these different things. Because there are things and technologies within your business that are changing too. You need to be on the leading edge. You can't let your competitors wrap around you with all this stuff and leave you behind. utilise the tools and software to streamline your operation, automate repetitive tasks, like we talked about last week in the process episode, and provide valuable insights to your business performance. Remember, you can't measure what you aren't already tracking, right. So there's an abundance of data out there. Now, how are you using the data? How are you using technology to help incorporate this data into your decision making? By embracing digital transformation, it really means going beyond just adopting new tools. It means fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to your customers. When you embrace some of these new technologies. You'll be streamlining your processes enhancing customer experiences. Think about the repetitiveness of just answering certain questions that you get all the time. Well, if you put a chatbot on your website that's going to answer those questions. I'll just use it in the framework of what time are you open to a retail store. And when they can go on your webstore and get a little bit more information and with chatbots and things like that. It's enabling them to get what they need, when they need it and not providing incurred frustration by not getting the answers when they need it. It's giving them a better customer solution. There are so many different things in here that we can talk about with technology. One of the big one is automation of repetitive tasks. automation can free up so much valuable time not only for you but for your team members. handling all these repetitive tasks. Remember when once you get the process in place. Now it's about aligning it and assigning it as we talked about in the last episode with Ras O A Oh framework we optimise. We automate and we outsource and if you can't get it automated then we need to outsource it but try and automate it wherever you can with whatever technologies allow you to do. that I love Zapier. I'm not good at doing Zapier, but Zapier is something that it's like if then that if this happens, then this happens. And setting up those technologies is not in my wheelhouse, but I know what it can do. And I'll have somebody else do that for me, if I know that that technology is going to help our business move ahead. And that's sometimes just how you need to think about technology, just know the capability of the different technologies that are pertinent to your business, stay on the leading edge of those. And if you don't want to dig down into them, then have somebody else on your team or an outsource partner that can help you get the end result that you need, right? Invest in each employee in the technical training that they need in order for you to provide the services. And one of the big things is that if your team is not embracing technological advancements, because there's always a big, sort of push back, let's call it on change, and sometimes don't just change to change, but change if you can actually see these things, making your life simpler, making the customer journey better, all of those things, because changing to change is not the right reason to embrace technologies. That's a frustration, we are looking to turn your frustrations into freedom. So every time you look at a new technology, think about how it frees your time up, and how it creates a better end result to the frustrations within your customer journey path. If you can make that customer journey for your client easier through automation, do it every single time because ultimately, you're going to have a happy customer when they get what they want. Let's reel it back to the promise episode where where we really understand the promise of the business. And the promise really revolves around this, understand your client's pain point. Tell them the unique structure on how you can help them get through there that's different from your competitors. So your unique format, your process, essentially, that takes them from their pain point to their better life, right. And if that process is simplified, is quicker than it was has less steps than it does all of those different things. Because technologies have allowed it to happen that way, you're going to create a better customer journey. So begin to leverage technology in your business invest in ongoing training, there's so much of it out there. And it's almost virtually free to train on almost any tool these days. It's become so easy, and so available. So here's what I want you to do so much technology out there these days. But when you finish, listen to this podcast, take the first step by identifying one area of your business where you can leverage technology better than you currently are. To improve the efficiency and productivity of your business. You can even ask chat GPT to do some research for you. But if you're not on chat GPT yet, hop onto Google, go through YouTube, ask the questions, talk to your mentors, talk to your peer groups, about some of the technologies that they're using in their business, that they have found large improvements in, dig into them and start to understand them as the leader. Once you understand them, then you can really align and assign them to someone else on your team. If you have some other people on your team that may be better to take this and run with it so that you can give the guiding principles on what you want to happen here as the leader of your organisation. And you can actually have somebody else champion this, learn about it and implement it within your business. That's the key to technology. You don't need to know every single little thing. You just need to know what it can do for you. So which area are you going to improve the technology in your business this quarter? That's the question of the day. Now go and make it a great day


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