The 3 O'clock Coffee Podcast

Photographer's Guide To A Positive Mindset

December 13, 2022 Scott Proposki Season 2 Episode 8
The 3 O'clock Coffee Podcast
Photographer's Guide To A Positive Mindset
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A coffee conversation with Rob Trendiak an expert headshot photographer from Vancouver who joined Scott Proposki in discussing being a photographer. His wife told him one day that he was a photographer, so he started being a photographer, right now! And that was all Rob needed to hear, and he never looked back on doing anything else.

Rob's grandfather was a respected fighter pilot in WWII; he later combined his military work as a pilot and photographer to become an aerial photographer, which also sparked Rob's life as a photographer. 

Rob and his wife took full advantage of the downtime caused by COVID and created a beautiful family with two kids under two. They share stories of rebuilding life as photographers and maintaining positivity after COVID. 

Rob Trendiak is an entrepreneur who loves to help others. He has a fun and positive outlook on life, which is evident in his stylish green hair. Rob and how wife also owns three hair salons in Vancouver, British Columbia, so he knows a thing or two about the beauty industry too! 

He enjoys working with her and helping her business mindset. When he's not busy helping out at the salon, Rob likes to spend time with his family and friends. He also enjoys playing sports and spending time outdoors.

Contact:  Rob Trendiak Photography
Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver Commercial Headshot photographer Rob Trendiak

Transcript The 3 Oclock Coffee Podcast 
Photographer's Guide To A Positive Mindset

Sometimes it seems like something bad's happening, and something good will come from it. You just gotta look. And if you're looking for the bad things in life, you're gonna find them. And it's really easy to find the bad, negative things in life. But if you intentionally seek out the good things in life, the opportunities, you'll find those two.

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Thanks for listening, and don't forget to click the subscribe button and tell a friend about the three o'clock Coffee podcast. Good morning or good afternoon. It is another episode of three o'clock Coffee and. As usual, we always find a extraordinary person to have a cup of coffee with no matter where I go or whoever I find.

It's amazing the amount of people that you speak to that have an amazing story and I, I believe everybody has a story and that's why I like sit down with people and having a cup of coffee. So welcome to the three o'clock Coffee podcast. Hey, thanks for having me. Absolutely. So today, let me introduce you and then you can tell me a little bit about you.

I want everybody to meet Rob and Rob. Rob. I call Rob the photographer in our office because I have another company that does photography around the country and Rob and I met many years ago and in my office it's photo guy

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